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How many women need to be vaccinated to prevent one maternal or neonatal infection with flu?

How many hospital admissions are prevented per 1000 women vaccinated?


1-2 hospital admissions per 1,000 vaccinations


Which trimester is the worst to catch flu for pregnant women?



When is the best time to have the flu vaccine?

Ideally at the start of the flu season regardless of gestation


Is the flu vaccine safe?

Used for over 10 years

No evidence of harm to women or their offspring

Only contraindication is anaphylaxis


Why are pregnant women more susceptible to the flu?

- changes in immune system
- Increased cardiac output
- Increased susceptibility to hypoxia
- Changes to lung function


Are there any benefits for the fetus?

Placental transfer of antibodies to the fetus provides protection for up to first 6 months of life


What other public health measures can be undertaken to reduce the risk to pregnant women?

Staff working with pregnant women should be vaccinated