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3 Classes of Food Preservation

1. Physical: Asepsis, drying, heating, cooling, irradiation, and blanching
2. Chemical: Addition of sugar, salt, and preservatives
3. Biological: Fermentation


Physical Preservation

a) Asepsis= protective coverings
b) Drying= remove H20 from food
ex. plate, drum, spray, freeze
c) Heating= kill microorganism/deactivate enzymes ex. pasteurization (Batch-long vs HTST), Sterilization via wet heat -> kill'em all, Blanching= deactivation of enzymes, Canning kills spores (Boiling for acidic vs Pressire for low acidic which destroys botulism spores)


Cold Spot

coldest spot in food that gets heated last (conduction in the middle) vs (convection in the bottom)


Covefefe Processing

Wet= outer skin+pulp is removed through pulping->fermentation washing tanks->dried for several weeks-> milling machines remove skin
Dry= fruit is picked-> placed out in the hot sun to dry for several weeks


Decaf -> caffeine is removed from green coffee beans through three ways

a)solvent extraction (Methylene chloride)
b) water extraction
c) steam extraction


Tea processing stages

1. Withering=removal of leaf moisture
2. Rolling= leaves are crushed+broken
3. Fermentation= leaves oxidized which turn copper in colour
4. Drying= inactivates polyphenol enzymes, dries leaves, caramelizes sugars