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what is a food web?

a system of interlocking and interdependent food chains.


what is a food chain?

a series of organisms dependant on the next as a source of food, always beginning with a producer and typically ending with an apex predator or decomposer.


what is a trophic level?

any of the sequential stages in a food chain occupied by producers at the bottom and primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers consecutively.


what is a producer?

producers are organisms that make energy through their own biochemical processes.


what is a consumer?

consumers are organisms that need to eat food to obtain energy.


what is a decomposer?

decomposers are organisms that break down dead or decaying waste.


what is the purpose of an energy pyramid?

an energy pyramid is a model that shows the flow of energy from one trophic, as each level progresses it loses 90% of the level below it.