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Define expert patient

Patient/carer has an indepth knowledge of their condition - untapped resource


what might influence the general public's uptake of medical care

peers, internet, TV, health magazine, GP leaflets


define health literacy

people having the knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence to use health information, to be active partners in their care, and to navigate health and social care systems


list the 3 aims of SIGN guidelines

help health and social care professionals and patients understand medical evidence and use it to make decisions about healthcare, reduce unwanted variations in practice, improve healthcare across Scotland


give 6 examples of epidemiological data

mortality data, cancer statistics, accident statistics, hospital activity statistics, drug misuse databases


give 3 confounding factors

age, sex, social class


what is a confounding factor

one which is associated independently with both the disease and with the exposure under investigation and so distorts the relationship between the exposure and the disease


list 6 reasons for today's healthcare trends which are not directly related to health care problems

decrease in birth rates, improvements in housing, water supplies, sanitation, nutrition, safety


list 5 social implications of an elderly population

increased demand for home carers, increased demand for care homes, increased housing demands, increased workload for family carers, increased unemployment in the young


3 possible side effects of ibuprofen

GI upset, nephrotoxicity, cardiotoxicity


financial implications of carer

working less hours so less income, cut backs on food and heating, health being affected, missing out on benefits


2 legal issues which may be in the ACP of any patient?

financial power of attorney, welfare power of attorney