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The fuel system is designed so normal fuel feed sequencing is



What is the maximum allowable fuel imbalance between inner tanks (inflight and landing) if the heavier tank is full

3,300 pounds


In flight with slats retracted, how is fuel sequenced to the engines with fuel in all tanks

Center tank pumps feed the engines first


In flight with MODE SEL in AUTO and fuel in the center tank, the center tank pumps

Run only if slats are retracted


What happens to the center tank fuel pumps (if there is fuel in the tank) after each engine is started

Center tank pumps will run for two min after each engine reaches idle to verify operation


When will the center tank begin to feed the engines after takeoff (if there is fuel int he center tank)

When the slats re retracted


In flight, with fuel MODE SEL in MAN, and the CTR TK pumps ON, what is the effect on the center tank pumps

The center tank pups run continuously until turned off with the CTR TK pump switches


A fuel pump FAULT light indicates

Fuel pump low pressure


Resetting tripped wing tank fuel boost pump circuit breaker is prohibited

At all times


A fuel MODE SEL FAULT light indicates

Center tank has more than 550 pounds of fuel AND the left or right wing tank has less than 11,000 pounds


The crossed valve is normally



What do double dashes over the last two digits of the fuel on board (FOB) indication mean

The fuel quantity indication is still operative, but inaccurate


Which of the following would cause an amber half box to appear around the E/WD FOB display when the fuel quantity is not fully usable?

Transfer valve failure


Engines can be gravity fed

From the wing tanks only


The over-pressure burst disk

Ruptures if the internal and external pressure differential exceeds a predetermined value


If a fuel imbalance greater than 3300 pounds is detected, indications of the wing inner and outer tanks with the highest fuel level

Pulse green


A low level fuel warning may be triggered during steep descents, accelerations or decelerations due to

The transfer valves opening with more than 1650 pounds of fuel in each inner tank


When either inner wing compartment fuel quantity reaches 1650 pounds

At least one transfer valve in each wing opens


The fuel recirculation system uses fuel for

IDG cooling


What happens when the recirculation fuel has filled a wing tank and the center tanks are supplying fuel to the engines

The center tank pump shuts off until 1100 pounds of fuel has been burned out of the wing tank