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Fungus-like protists

Slime molds
Considered to be fungus-like because they use spores to reproduce
Feed by acting as decomposers


2 types of slime molds

The cellular slime molds
The acellular slime molds


The cellular slime molds

Looks like amoebas most of their lives
Under certain conditions, hundred come together to form large structure. Meiosis occurs in mass of cells to produce fungus like spores. Each spire has the potential to become a new amoeba-like cell.


The acellular slime molds

Start out looking like amoebas
After mitosis occurs, cell DOESNT divide. We get a cell that contains 2 nuclei. This process is repeated many times- resulting in a plasmodium



Huge cell that contains hundreds or thousands of nuclei. Can reproduce by making large number of spores.