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What is a balance trim tab?

It is an auxiliary control designed to create aerodynamic forces to assist in moving a control surface. When the primary control surface is moved in any direction, the tab automatically moves in the opposite direction, helping pilot move the control surface


What is a servo trim tab?

It is an auxiliary control, positioned by the movement of a cockpit control and designed to create aerodynamic forces to assist in moving a control surface.


What is a spring tab?

It is an auxiliary control designed to aid the movement of a primary control at high speeds when control forces become too high


What are the two reasons for installing a lightening hole in a sheet metal wing rib?

Lightening holes reduce the weight and increase stiffness


Describe the markings found on the heads of A, B, D, AD, and DD rivets

A rivets are plain, B rivets have a cross, D rivets have a raised dot, AD rivets have a dimple, and DD rivets have a double dash


How can a mechanic determine whether the countersink for a flush rivet should be dimpled or drilled?

By the thickness of the top sheet- thin sheets are dimpled while thick sheets may be countersunk


Name several methods for forming sheet metal.

Bending or folding ,



bumping, and



If a 2024 rivet must be replaced with a 2117 rivet, how do you determine the size to be used?

For 5/32" or smaller diameter, use the next larger size, as long as edge distance and spacing meet minimums


What are the dimensions of a properly formed rivet head?

The head should be 1.5 times the shank diameter in width and 1/2 the shank diameter in height


What minimum edge distance and spacing should be used for a single row of protruding head rivets?

At least two rivet diameters from the edge and not less than three rivet diameters apart.


Describe the process for determining the total length of a solid rivet for a particular installation.

1.5 times the rivet diameter plus the grip length


What two calculations must be made when bending sheet metal?

Setback and bend allowance

Setback (SB)—the distance the jaws of a brake must be
setback from the mold line to form a bend. In a 90° bend,
SB = R + T (radius of the bend plus thickness of the metal). The K-factor must be used for all bends that are smaller or larger than 90°. SB = K(R+T)

Bend allowance (BA)—refers to the curved section of
metal within the bend (the portion of metal that is curved in


What factors must be considered to determine setback?

Bend radius and material thickness

The distance the jaws of a brake must be set back
from the mold line to form a bend. Setback for a 90° bend
is equal to the inside radius of the bend plus the thickness of the metal being bent. For a bend other than 90°, a K-factor must be used. See also K-factor.



Name several facings and core materials used in bonded honeycomb structures intended for special applications

Stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, plywood, glass, nylon, cotton cloth


What are the two primary uses for plywood in aircraft construction?

Gusset (reinforcing) plates, and aircraft skin


Give three examples of plywood skin repairs

Splayed patches,

surface patches,

plug patches,

scarfed patches


Is compression wood acceptable for structural repairs?



What type of patch should be used to repair small holes in thin plywood skin if the skin is less than 1/10th inch thick?

A splayed patch may be used if the hole can be cleared out to a diameter of less than 15 thicknesses of the skin


Describe the construction of a bonded honeycomb structure

It is a laminated structure that has a solid facing bonded to either side of a core made of open six sided cells.


A drill bit used for drilling composites should have an included angle of how many degrees?



What are the most common causes for delamination of a composite structure?

Sonic vibration,

expansion of internal moisture,

liquid leakage,

and a manufacturing error


What type of defect in or damage to a bonded honeycomb structure can be repaired using the potted repair method?

Filling a hole


What minimum curing temperature should be observed when joining wood with various adhesives?

70 degrees F or as specified by the manufacturer


Why must the beveled cut be accurate on both pieces of wood with a scarf joint?

They must match exactly for a tight glue joint


Where are splices to a wood spar prohibited?

Under an attachment fitting for the wing root,

landing gear,

engine mount, lift,

or inter plane strut


What are the three types of glues used in modern aircraft construction and repair?

Resorcinol glue

phenol-formaldehyde glue

epoxy resin glue


What is the max number of splices for a single spar?



Describe the characteristics of a scarf joint

The pieces are tapered or beveled on a slope of 1 to 10 or 1 to 12