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main areas tested and areas sub issues

1) present Possessory estate

2) Future Interests:
(a) RAP: (2 questions/ class gifts)
(b) Remainders
(c) Executory interests

3) Co-Tenancy
(a) tenants in common
(b) j/t
(c) Tenants entirety

4) Landlord/ tenant (5-6)

5) Non-Possessory Interests (5-6)
(a) easement (express v. implied
(b) convenants
(c) equitable servitudes

6) Adverse Possession
(a) elements
(b) marketable title

7) rights instant to possession
(a) water rights
(b) use of land
(c) lateral-subject support
(d) fixtures

8) land sale transactions (most tested)
(a) mortgages
(b) recording statutes
(c) equitable conversions
(d) titles, transfers, warranties