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What is Human Geography?

Humans impact on the world


What is Physical Geography ?

Natural characteristics


What is a coastline ?

Where the land meets the sea


What is geology ?

The study of rocks


What is erosion ?

The process of eroding or being eroded by wind , water , or othe natural factors .


Name 3 special weapons that the sea has ?

-hydraulic action


What is hydraulic action ?

It is where the water hits the cliff and squeezes air into the cracks. The air makes the cracks bigger then they eventually break.


What is abrasion ?

This is the force of the bits of rock carried in the water blasting into the cliff .


What is attrition?

This is the process of the rocks hitting each other and breaking into smaller rocks


What is corrosion ?

It’s a chemical reaction between the sea water and the minerals in the rocks . It eventually breaks up into smaller rocks


What are the 4 steps to find a 4 figure grid reference?

1) Find the square that your location is in .
2) Apply the ‘magic L’ to the square
3) Look for numbers along the lines of your ‘magic L’
4) Put these numbers together


What is the rhyme for whilst finding the 4 figure grid reference?

Along the corridor up the stairs


How do we measure the length of a non-straight distance ?

1) find the place you need to measure
2)measure the distance marking every corner / rotation
3)measure with a ruler
4)convert to scale
5) ta da ! That is your distance .