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what is a group?

'a group exists when 2 or more people define themselves as members of it and when it's existence is recognised by at least one another'



as long as people within that group define themselves as members of that group then they are a group


Who proposed the 5 types of groups?

stangor 2004


Stangor 2004
what are the 5 types of groups and what's included in them

Reference groups; groups we identify, admire and want to be like .e.g friends, colleagues
Working groups; 3-12 people working to achieve a specific group e.g. jury
social category; large and permanent social groups e.g. gender
culture; individuals in geographic proximity, share common beliefs and values e.g. Americans
Crowd; common place and purpose e.g. shopping


what is entitativity

the 'realness' or 'groupiness' of a social group
held by members and observers
has short term goals (everyday changes) and long term goals (influence our identity)


Who proposed a different 4 groups

Lickel et al, 2001


Lickel et al 2001
groups and who's in them

intimacy groups; family and friends
task groups; colleagues
social categories; gender
loose associations; neighbour