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What is the nose?

The nose is the first part of the respiratory tract


What is the function of the nose?

1. Traps dirt 2. Respiration 3. Humidifying air 4. Olfaction (smell)


What is the nose made up of?

It is made up of the external nose and the nasal cavity.


What is the framework of external nose made up of and what extends from it?

The external nose has a bony framework from which the nasal and septal cartilages extend


How is the nasal cavity divided?

The nasal cavity is divided into two parts by the midline nasal septum and continues posteriorly with the space of the nasopharynx.


What does the palate form the floor of?

The palate forms the floor of the nasal cavity and separates it from the oral cavity.


What is the palate made up of?

It is made of a vault-shaped bony palate anteriorly and posteriorly a soft palate that hangs between the nasopharynx and the oro-pharynx.


What is the oral cavity the first part of?

The digestive system, separated from the nasal cavity above by the palate, and houses the tongue and salivary glands.


What is the larynx?

The larynx (layman’s term - voicebox)


What are the functions of the larynx?

that of an open valve in respiration, that of a partially closed valve whose orifice can be modulated in phonation, and that of a closed valve, protecting the trachea and bronchial tree during deglutition. Coughing is possible only when the larynx can be closed effectively.


Label this diagram


What is the pharynx?

The pharynx is a musculofascial tube, incomplete anteriorly, which extends from the base of the skull to the oesophagus and which acts as a common entrance to the respiratory and alimentary tracts. 


When is the pharynx important?

It is important in swallowing (to direct food into the oesophagus) and in breathing (to direct the air into the larynx). 


What are the three parts of the pharynx?

1  the nasopharynx – lying behind the nasal fossae and above the soft palate;

2 the oropharynx – lying behind the anterior pillars of the fauces;

3 the laryngopharynx – lying behind the larynx 


Where does the trachea begin?

The trachea begins from the lower border of the larynx – (lower border of the cricoid cartilage, C6 vertebra)


What does the trachea lie anterior to?



Where does the oesophagus start?

The level of the C6 vertebra is also where the oesophagus starts from the lower part of the pharynx.


With which bone do the nasal bones articulate superiorly at the nasion? 

Ethmoid bone


What articulates with the nasal bones laterally?

Frontal process of the maxilla


What is present anteriorly from the margin of the nasal bones?

plates of cartilage 


Label the diagram of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity