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What is the typical patient who has a "silent heart attack"?

A diabetes patient due to loss of sensation, and don't feel it, and also women.


A patient presents complaining of cough and SOB when laying supine. What symptom is this and what's the work up?

Orthopnea. Common sx in patients with CHF or pulmonary edema due to increased pressure in lungs. Perform orthostatic BP, pulse oc, CHF workup, CXR, EKG, Echo if indicated


A patient complains of episodes of cough or SOB that awakens them from sleep. What are possible etiologies of this symptom?

Paroxysmal noctural dyspnea. Common in CHF (failing LV can't keep up with RV) and pulmonary edema. Perform CXR, orthostatic BP, pulse ox, EKG


A patient complains of a forceful, rapid or irregular heart rate, which we called palpitations. Is this a sign of an emergency?

no, palpitations are often benign but they can also be a symptom of arrhythmia


What other body systems besides cardio that can result in "chest pain" symptoms?

Pulmonary, Pleural, musculoskeletal, esophageal or GI disorder, anxiety states


A patient presents with dependent lower extremity edema. What should we be worried about?

DVT! Can also be caused by heart failure or taking a calcium channel blocker


Claudication (cramping pain or tiredness in the calf, thigh or hip while walking) is a classic symptom of what?

Chronic arterial insufficiency/peripheral artery disease.


Jugular venous distension is a sign of what?

right-sided HF, tricuspid valve dysfunction, or increased pulmonary circulation