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When did Henry V111 come to the throne?

2 months before his 18th birthday


Why was Henrys impetuous (without care)approach have considerable implications for the quality of decision making within Henry's administration?

as he could intervene suddenly in the business of government and contradict decisions or actions which had already been taken


What did Henry V111 lack which many historians had attributed to his father?

work ethic


What reflects Henry V111's preference for good company rather than government business?

the courtly activities which followed his accession such as pageants, sports, hunting and tournaments


How did the structure of government evolve differently with that of the reign of Henry V11 in the short term?

-In the short term there was a renewed emphasis on governing through the council


How did the structure of government evolve differently with that of the reign of Henry V11 in two periods?

-Henry relied upon the work of a chief minister who shaped the structures of government to meet his own needs such as Wolsey and Cromwell


Who appointed Wolsey cardinal in 1515?

Pope Leo X


What year was Wolsey appointed papal legate?



Who did Wolsey outrank as papal legate?

the Archbishop of Canterbury


When was Wolsey made Lord Chancellor?



What was Wolsey's acquisition of Church offices complemented by?

an accumulation of secular powers within the kings government


How much £ did Henry V11 leave in his death?



What 4 things had Henry V11 left in legacy?

-peaceful foreign policy
-unpopular but efficient mechanisms for extracting money
-a conciliar form of government, decisions were made through a council


Why did the conciliar form of government disappear in the short term?

as a result of the emergence of Fox's former protégé Wolsey as the focus of government


Who secured the arrest of Empson and Dudley?

Richard Fox who was assisted by Lovell and Weston


When and how was the Council Learned abolished?

by an Act of Parliament in 1510


How did Henry ensure popularity amongst the nobility?

Through the abolition of the Council Learned and the execution of Empson and Dudley as the nobility had considered themselves victims of his fathers approach to taxation


What were Henry's 3 aims in the first years of his reign?

1)To establish his status amongst European monarchs through marriage
2)to re-establish the role of the nobility
3)to establish himself as a warrior king through success in battle


When were Henry and Catherine married?

June 1509, (Henry V11 had died 21st April)


How much older was Catherine to Henry?

5 years


What had Henry V11's peaceable foreign policy denied the nobility?

the traditional outlet of the pursuit of military glory


Who accompanied Henry to war in northern France, or the Marquis of Dorset to south-west France, or the Earl of Surrey to Scotland?

the sons of the nobility


Why was the Duke of Buckingham tried in court by his peers headed by the Duke of Norfolk and then executed?

for taking discussion in what will happen after the kings death which was a treasonable offence


What had Henry V111 broaden in his reign to achieve political ends?

the use of statute law (Acts of Parliament)


What demonstrated Henry V111's impulsiveness?

-marriage with Catherine
-aggressive foreign policy
-execution of Empson, Dudley and Duke of Buckingham