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Who was John de Vere?

He had helped put Henry VI on the throne, commanded some of Henry VII's army at Bosworth, and was a very loyal servant; he was made Earl of Oxford again by Henry after Bosworth


Which family were one of Henry VII's main rivals?

The De La Poles


Who was Margaret of Burgundy (also known as Margaret of York)?

Sister of Edward IV and Richard III and widow of Charles the Bold; in effect ruler of the Netherlands. Gave shelter to Lovell, Lincoln and Warbeck and acknowledged Simnel as her nephew


Who was Charles VIII?

King of France 1483-1498


Who was Sir William Stanley?

He helped Henry VII at Bosworth, was a loyal servant and leading courtier and Lord Chamberlain of the king's household; was suspected of helping Warbeck with his plot to overthrow Henry and executed in February 1495


Who was Lambert Simnel?

He pretender to the throne, he claimed to be Edward, Earl of Warwick


Who was Perkin Warbeck?

Another pretender to the throne, who claimed to be Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York; he was hanged in 11499


Who were Lovell and the Stafford brothers?

They led the first uprising during Henry VII's reign- Lovell was an English nobleman who went missing in 1487 after the Battle of Stoke; Humphrey Stafford was executed after the conspiracy but Thomas Stafford was pardoned and remained loyal to Henry VII


Who was James IV?

King of Scotland from 1488 until his death at the Battle of Flodden in 1513


Who was Richard III?

The last Yorkist king, he ruled 1483-1485 and was defeated by Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth


Who was Edward IV?

The first Yorkist king, he ruled 1461-1470 and 1471-1483


Who was Edward V?

The first son of Edward IV, he ruled for 86 days until he went 'missing' with his brother; one of the 'Princes in the Tower'


Who was Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York?

The second son of Edward IV who went 'missing' when Richard III seized the throne; one of the 'Princes in the Tower'


Who was Owen Tudor?

Henry VII's grandfather who married Catherine of France who had previously been married to Henry V


Who was Jasper Tudor?

Henry VII's uncle who helped him successfully conquer England and Wales in 1485


Who was Margaret Beaufort?

Henry VII's mother who was a descendent of Edward III by the marriage of his third son, John of Gaunt, to Catherine Swynford


Who was Elizabeth of York?

The eldest daughter of Edward IV and therefore a possible Yorkist claim to the throne; wife of Henry VII ad mother of Henry VIII


Who was Edward, Earl of Warwick?

Richard III's nephew and a Yorkist claim to the throne; sent to the tower when Henry VII became king but not executed until 1499


Who was John de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk?

Richard III's brother in law and father of John Earl of Lincoln and Edmund Earl of Suffolk; had supported the Yorkists in the War of the Roses but was loyal to Henry VII until his death in 1491


Who was John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln?

Richard III's nephew and a Yorkist claim to the throne; joined Henry VII's council after professing his loyalty, but was later killed at the Battle of Stoke in 1487 whilst supporting Simnel


Who was John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk?

A close friend and loyal supporter of Richard III, he died at Bosworth; father of Thomas Howard


Who was Thomas Howard (also known as the Earl of Surrey), 2nd Duke of Norfolk?

The son of John Howard; a Yorkist who was captured at Bosworth whilst fighting for Richard III, he was stripped of his land and titles and held in the Tower of London where he was offered the opportunity to escape during the rebellion of the Earl of Lincoln in 1487 but did not, so winning Henry VII's trust and given lots of responsibilities. Grandfather of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard


Who was Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland?

He led a major portion of Richard III's army at Bosworth, but did not commit his troops, he was briefly imprisoned but then given the responsibility of controlling the north of England; was murdered after trying to collect tax after the Yorkshire rebellion


Who was Sir John Egremont?

He led the Yorkshire rebellion; was a Yorkist supporter


Who was Lord Audley?

The only noble involved in the Cornish rebellion, he was arrested and beheaded


Who was John Morton?

He was Lord Chancellor and Archbishop of Canterbury; best known for his harsh taxation policies, particularly benevolences


Who was Sir Reginald Bray?

He was appointed to Henry VII's council in 1492 as his chief financial advisor


Who was Prince Arthur Tudor?

The first son of Henry VII, he died in 1502


Who was Prince Henry Tudor?

The second son of Henry VII, he went on to become Henry VIII in 1509


Who was Catherine of Aragon?

The daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella, first married to Arthur and then Henry VIII, Queen of England 1509-1533