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What is an S3?

Occurring after the 2nd heart sound in early diastole that coincides with early diastolic “rapid filling’.
- low frequency
- heard with the bell of the stethoscope
- apical impulse location
Normal finding in young individuals
Elderly = heart failure, indicates that ventricular relaxation is abnormal


What is a MUGA

“gated blood pool scan”
- red blood cells are tagged with a radioactive substance and injected back into the blood stream
- counts are collected at specific a specific time based on the ECG
- calculation of ejection fraction


What is Swan Ganz catheter and what does it measure?

into the pulmonary arteries
can measure the pressure in left atrium.
pressure reading during late diastole should also represent LV end diastolic pressure (LVEDP) also known as Preload
Measures CO


What info can you get from an echo for a pt w/ CHF?

Abnormal vs normal systolic fxn


R HF symptoms

High JVP


What heart sound is present with L HF

S3 gallop