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Because of blind spots, you must do..

Shoulder checks in addition to mirror checks before changing lanes.


If you do not have backseat side windows or a back rear window, you will need to use..

Your outside mirrors with an attatched convex mirror


On a multi lane highway, slower traffic should use the travel lane furthest to the...

Right side (unless needing the left lane to turn left).


Often in the mountains, slower vehicles move into the passing lane to the..



When approaching the end of the passing lane, drivers in the right lane must merge safely with ..

Traffic to the left


Passing should be done only where it is..

Legal, necessary, and with extreme caution.


The view you see in your inside rear view mirror should show as much of...

The view through your rear window as possible


When being passed on a two lane highway, help the driver passing you by..

Staying in your lane, move to the right side of your lane to give the other driver a better view of the road ahead


Do not use the emergency stopping lane unless

Its an emergency or an emergency vehicle is trying to pass.


Merging is done when two roadways..

Join into one and the traffic on the main roadway must cooperate to allow enough space for vehicles to enter from the merging lane


Merging is a shared responsibility between the..

Vehicles joining the roadway and the vehicles already on the roadway


What is a weave zone

Where vehicles share the same lane to slow to exit the highway, while other vehicles are using it to increase speed to enter the highway.


Vehicles will do what in a weave zone?

Cross paths


On a curve, your vehicle will want to go.

Straight ahead due to kinetic energy


If you skid in a curve do these following actions..

• Stay off the brake and accelerator
• Look in direction you want to go
• Make small steering adjustments to get out of the skid


When going up a top of a hill move to the right due to.

Keeping your vehicle from being hit by another oncoming vehicle that has crossed over the centre line and is in your lane.


If a hill is very steep either..

Adjust your speed or if you have a standard lower the gear