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What is the content and organization of hospital admission orders?


Admit (23 hours, full admit, service of attending,...)
Condition ("Stable", "Guarded", etc.)
Vitals (post-op, routine, q 1 hour, etc.)
Activities (Strict bed rest, fall precautions, ad lib, bathroom privileges, etc.)
Nursing (Strict I&O's, Daily weights, Call P.R.N. whatever, etc.)
Diet (NPO, Regular, Clears - advance diet as tolerated, 2000 cal ADA, renal, etc.)
IV fluids (D5 1/2 NS c 20 KCL at 110 ml/hr, LR @ 100 ml/hr, etc.)
Meds (scheduled and PRN's)
Labs and x-ray (CBC in AM, PCXR in PACU, etc.)


What are the principles of discharge planning?

Discharge planning involves:
™o Determining the appropriate post-hospital
discharge destination for a patient;
™o Identifying what the patient requires for a
smooth and safe transition from the acute
care hospital/post-acute care facility to his
or her discharge destination; and
™o Beginning the process of meeting the patient’s
identified post-discharge needs.
(Medicare guidelines)

1. Know where patient is going
2. Advise whether special assistance will be needed e.g. friends/family
3. New, changed, discontinued medications
4. What equipment will be needed at home e.g. walker, oxygen
5. What activities is the patient able to do e.g. lifting, using stairs
6. What followup appointments/visits will be set up/needed