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True or False: Concrete pipes are mainly used when large diameter pipes are required.

True. Although smaller sizes are available they are not always competitive against plastic pipes.


What diameter pipes are available?

225mm up to 2100mm


Where is concrete pipe usually specified?

Adopted areas and where shallow dig or heavy loadings are called for.


Who uses concrete pipes?

Most schemes involving large diameter pipes.
Storm water and sewage applications by groundworkers, civil engineering contractors, house builders and large civil engineering projects including rail, commercial buildings, agriculture, sport fields and culverts.


True or False: Most small to medium projects are best suited to using concrete pipe.

False. Plastic pipe, such as Twinwall Surface water drainage is most suitable.


Why would we recommend plastic pipe for small to medium projects?

It is easier to handle and install.


How long is the guarantee for concrete pipe?

100 years


What depths can concrete pipe be laid at?

8 - 12 metres


Concrete pipe has a lower risk of floatation. What is floatation?

Floatation exists when the pipeline is constructed in areas which will be inundated, such as stream crossings, flood plains and high groundwater areas.


What are the key questions to ask your customers?

How many rocker pipes and stub pipes are required? Does the customer use the recommended inflatable air test stoppers?
Do they prefer Lamell Seal or Integrated Seal?


What are the disadvantages of Lamell Seals?

They require more skill to be fitted correctly. Can be tricky to install if the contractor is not used to it. JDP advise not to sell this seal unless the customer requests it).


Brownfeild sites with contaminated land, require the correct .......................... mix and special....... seal.

DC4 Concrete mix / nitrile seal.


Rocker/ Butts can be ordered in advance to come on ........ delivery.

same delivery.


Why do concrete pipes require the correct lifting equipment?

Concrete pipe is both heavy and round, creating a potential risk if not unloaded and handled correctly. Ensure the customer is aware of the lifting equipment required and that is offloaded with care.


Most manufactures sell the pipes by the metre but the length of pipes are normally ........metres each.



What are the two types of seals we offer?

Integrated and Lamell


Most sales are direct to site due to the ........... of the product.



There are six types of connections available, name them.

Concrete bend, concrete rocker pipe, spigot butt end pipe, double spigot pipe, socketed butt end pipe, junctions


What sizes are integrated seals available in?

300mm - 1050mm


What size are Lamell seals available in?

225mm - 2100mm


Air testing pipes needs to be carried out on site. Why do we recommend inflatable seals?

The inner surface of concrete is less smooth than plastic. To avoid potential issues inflatable tests seals should be used as opposed to mechanical test plugs.