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All uniform employees shall possess and maintain ready for immediate use, a properly fitting _____ ______, and equipment items.

formal uniform


Employees may wear on year round basis, as part of the work uniform either the ______ or _______ shirt

long sleeve or short sleeve


Regardless of shirt, when a jacket is worn, employees ____ wear some form of ____ _____.

shall, approved neckwear


Mock dickey may be worn under _____ without the jacket

short sleeve


____ shall not be worn with short sleeve shirt without jacket



When wearing a green jacket employee shall wear _____ shirt underneath

long sleeve


The intent of the utility uniform is to provide uniform personnel with an alternative uniform to be worn at the direction of ______ for civil disturbances, natural or man made disasters, or circumstances which expose employee's to excessive soiling or damage.

division commander


The seven utility uniform primary wearers are:

Commercial Program
Level 1 or 2 trained driving SMPV full-time
Canine program
Canine bomb detection officers
Full-time VIN officers
Permanently assigned to Division MAIT Teams
MAIT associate while performing MAIT duties


The seven utility uniform incidental wearers are:

Area VIN officers
Motorcycle officers (other than enforcement duties)
Area training officers
Area range/weapons officers
Personobel driving SMPV of a part-time basis
Special services and inspection facility commanders
DRE while conducting initial certification evaluations


When a jacket is worn with utility uniform a _____ or _____ is required

turtleneck or dickey


When performing duties, uniformed employees operating a patrol car shall keep the campaign hat _______.

readily available within the patrol vehicle


Campaign hat shall be worn by uniformed employees under the following three conditions

1. As part of the formal uniform when attending official functions
2. Performing traffic control or crowd control duties and Peace Officer recognition is essential
3. When on the grounds or within the confines of the State Capitol


Accouterments shall be placed on the uniform from the wearer's perspective from ____ to _____.

left to right


The left pocket flap is reserved for the following four pins

Medal of Valor
Officer of the Year
US Flag
Special pin (e.g. Peace Officer Memorial)


All Departmental motorcycle, mounted duty, bicycle patrol helmets, aviation helmets shall have a ____

US Flag decal


12590 PC establishes legal restrictions on peace officers who are engaged in picketing, if they do one of the four following they are guilty of a misdemeanor.

1. carries concealed firearm
2. carries loaded firearm upon his/her person or in their vehicle
3. carries deadly weapon
4. wears the uniform of a peace officer


Sideburns will not extend below ____ with a maximum width of ______.

bottom of the ear, 1 1/2 inches


Mustaches shall not extend more than ____ beyond the corners of the mouth or below the ______ border of the upper lip or more than ____ below the corner of the mouth

1/2 inch, vermilion, 1/4 inch


____ are not permitted for male employees either in uniform or civilian attire.



Female employee's hair shall not extend below the _____

bottom of the uniform shirt collar while sitting or standing in an erect position


Female employee's are only allowed _____ earrings ____ type only _____ color, not over _____ in diameter

one pair, stud, solid, 4.0 mm


Uniformed employees may wear either ____ or ____ soft body armor.

state issued or privately owned (same ballistic protection as state issued)


Armor carrier shall be ______ color

navy blue


Soft body armor shall be worn by all personnel ______

1. assigned to field enforcement duties
2. operate a marked patrol vehicle in uniform
3. participating in "live fire" weapons training


Personnel in the following four assignments are not required to wear body armor

1. special duty (except front desk)
2. HQ and Division Staff
3. Communications and TMC
4. Commanders when not performing field enforcement duties


Commanders may grant exemptions to the mandatory wearing of soft body armor under the following two conditions

1. Extremely hot weather
2. Temporary health condition that precludes wearing of body armor

NOTE: May not grant open-ended or long=term exemptions


Soft body armor ____ be replaced within ___ years from date of manufacture

shall, 5


Public discussion or display of _________ effectiveness, ballistic resistance or area coverage is prohibited.

state-issued soft body armor


When an officer is involved in an incident, such as a shooting and the soft body armor is hit by a bullet or other penetrating object or damage in any way reporting is required as soon _______ but no later than ____ working days to Office of ______

practical, 10, Legal Affairs


Uniform long sleeve shirts shall not have sleeves ____ or ___

rolled or turned up