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When are budgets due in order to be considered for the following year?

By oct 31 to the city manager


Proposals should have what in them and who do they go to?

Explanation of the problem, how the situation could be improved, pros and cons, obstacle with implementing the proposal and costs.
Goes to department head and city manager in writing.


If City manager agrees on the budget he shall schedule a meeting with how many days to discuss it?

21 workdays.


Who may monitor usage of the City network and who authorized that?

City representatives
Authorized by city manager or designee


Any employee who attempts to disable, defeat, or circumvent any city security facility or software will be subject to what?

Immediate dismissal


All communication on the city network should be free of _______, _________ or ________ _______.

Profanity, swearing or derogatory language


How long after an email is deleted can it be deleted from the email system?

24 hours


When sending fundraising announcements via email. You must have permission from whom and who can it go out to?

Department head
Only employees in that group


In order to send a global message who must authorize it?

City manager


Materials from the internet that are copy written can only be downloaded with permission from who?

City attorney


You cannot download applications from the internet without authorization from who?

Department head or designee


If a department head is unsure about internet downloading who do they ask?

Chief information technology officer or designee


When an employee is identified as an agent of the city they may not show political ______ and may not endorse any ______ _____, _________,_______ or service.

Advocacy, political position, candidate, product, or service.


In order to have third party access to the city network you must?

Complete a request for access form. Abide by the usage policy.
Maintain virus protection, be advised of the Arizona criminal code for computer tampering.