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What are some facts about the Sundarbans


The region straddles the border between India and Bangladesh, it is the largest mangrove forer in the the world

It is very flat and low lying

It is dynamically I. Equilibrium with no erosion or deposition

It’s home to many rare species


What opportunities does the Sundarbans region bring?


The area is home to more than 4 million people and provides a range of natural products which can be used for economic benefit

The flat fertile land is ideal for growing rice
The rich ecosystem provides plentiful crabs, fish, honey and palm leaves

The mangroves provide timber

The area also provides a service

The mangroves provide a natural defence against flooding making it easier to grow crops etc.

Prevents coastal erosions as the roots bind the soil together

There is also opportunities for development

Totisrm wisktyors strata yrd by the wodkife

Since 2011 cargo ships have used the waterways which have be dredged to accommodate the trade

A peer plant has been propers in the both of the nation al park providing energy for the residents.


However risk also exist as


There’s a huge lack of fresh water for drinking and irrigation

The risk of flooding is increased by Deforestation caused by a growing population and its need for more foods etc.

Flkodjg is leading to salinisation of the top quality land

The area is home to animals that attack humans such as tigers and crocodiles

There is huge issues with unemployment

Their low level is at risk of rising sea level

Only 1 fifth of homes in the arse have access to main electricity with even fewer having a tV which is hampering emergency warnings and communications

Access is difficult as roads are in poor condition


What attempts are there to overcome the risks?



Improving access to clean water
Better infrastructure is increasing the interconnecticity and hence tourist opportunity although this could lead to defirsteib

Subsidised solars Panama at wbjng made available in rural village s

There are many attempts to reduce povertly by farming subsidies etc

Some NGOs are helping local learn how to farm sustainably to conserve the good fertile soils

3500km Of embankments were built however these are being rapidly eroded and are being breached by tsunamis

The icZm is protecting all existing magrivesbi the arse and replant many however it’s unclear whether the mangrove will withstand sea level rise.

Salt resistant crops are being planted although this is reducing biodiversity it is ensuring the jobs I the area
Many tourism increasing projects are underway however if not properly managed this could prove consequential
People can adapt by building homes on stilts etc.
Sustainable adoptions such as sustainable farming and eco tourists will help retain the areas fragile environment for generations to come.