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Describe this image 

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Mediolateral olblique views 

obvious spiculate mass in right breast - highly suspicious of malignancy 

not possible to tell which quadrant the lump is in without CC (cranial caudal) view - need both views 


Describe this image

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the lump on the left has an irregular shape, ill defined margine and invades across normal tissue planes - malignant


the lump on the right has a rounded shape, sharply defined margin and the mass pushs normal tissue planes out of the way - benign 


What are these 

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Montgomerys tubercles - sebaceous glands in the areola around the nipple. Normal finding

may be more pronounced in pregnancy 


Describe this image

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very dense breasts

fibroglandular tissue appears white on mammogram 

breast density is a risk factor for cancer and can make it more difficult to detect any breast cancers that do arise


Describe this image

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very fatty breasts 

fatty tissue makes up a large proportion of breast 


what does this image show 

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fluid collection within breast inkeeping with an absecess

also skin thickening and surrounding oedema


what does this image show

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Inflammatory breast cancer

rare form of breast cancer

in which cancer cells grow along the lymph vessels causing breast to become inflammed and swollen 

can mimic mastitis and breast abscess 


what does this show

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normal lactating breast ducts


what does this show and what should we do now they've been seen 

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microcalcifications (not seen well on US)- small specks of caclium salts in the breast tissue

too small to feel, dont cause pain

common and can devlop naturally as breast ages

can also be seen in association with benign changes, in response to trauma or DCIS




describe this image and what is the likely diagnosis 

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solid mass with an ovoid shape and well defined margin

typical fibroadenoma 

triple assessment still needed unless <25 and clinical and US features are benign 



what does this show 

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calcified fibroadenoma 

postmenopausal woman

'popcorn calcification'


describe the image and give probably diagnosis 

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multiple round masses of varying size in both breasts

well defined with black 'halo' - benign feature

in keeping with cysts

US needed for definite diagnosis 


which one is a cyst

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far right

well defined rounded mass with a black (Anechoic) fluid centre


what is this

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Pagets disease

can be a sign of breast cancer 

it starts in the nipple and spreads out

red scaly rash often mixed up with eczema or psoriasis