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what type of cell wall has lipoteichoic acid?


what about LPS?


what are the porins in the second plasma membrane important for drug delivery?

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Tell me the big bad bugs on CSF Gram stain


GP cocci

CP bacilli


G neg cocci

G neg bacilli

This is important for treatment of meningitis


1. Gram pos cocci is steph pneumoniae


2. Gram pos bacilli is Listeria


Gram neg cocci is neisseria 


Gram neg bacilli is H. influ

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what is a problem with the legionella urinary antigen?

this is a problem because it only detects the L. pneumophilia 1,


the MO legionella longbeacheae is also common in QLD


what does galactomannan test for?


what about beta-D-glucan?

the first one is assoc with aspergillus


the second is other fungal, but not cryptococcus


 which stages of syphilis are associated with positive serology, and which with negative?

primary syphilis (painless ulcer) is often sero neg


secondary and tertiary are usually sero pos


what is the most common pathogen with acute IE


what are some other causes of acute IE?

s. aureus is the main pathogen


s. pyogenes also important


what are the common pathogens associated with a subacute presentation of IE?

Strep viridans is a big deal




HACEK bugs

(Haemophilus, Aggregatibacter, Cardiobacterium, Eikenella, Kingella)


what are the risks of IE when the following come up as pos blood cultures?


1. s. mutans

2. s bovis 

3. s gallolyticus

4. s. gallolyticus pasteurianus

5. e. faecalis

6. s pyogenes

1. s. mutans is extremely likely to be IE. 14:1 (14 IE cases for each non-IE)

2. s. bovis biotype 1 = 6:1

also very strongly associated with colon CA/adenoma

3. s. gallolyticus is the new name for s bovis (see above

4. s. gallolyticus pasteurianus is 1:1

- strongly assoc with CRC


5. e. faecalis = 1:1

6. s. pyogenes is 1:32! (much more likely to be from skin)


what is the most common pathogen in IE in IVDU


what is the most common in prosthetic valve IE?

in IVDU, number 1, 2 and 3 are s. aureus


in prosthetic valve:

1. coag- neg staph

2. s. aureus

3. streptococci

4. gram-negs


what are the more common causes of culture negative endocarditis?

see pic

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