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list some complications of scarring/wound contraction

stenosis (narrowing) - if tissue damage goes around the lumen of a tube
obstruction of a tube due a stricture
permanent shortening of a muscle - contracture
burns can result in a lot of contraction - cosmetic damage, impaired motility


describe abscess formation

1. pus accumulates in a tissue
2. becomes surrounded by a 'pyogenic membrane'
3. this consists of sprouting capillaries, neutrophils and occasional fibroblasts
4. this will eventually result in granulation and scarring


what challenge does an abscess present for treating bacterial infection?

bacteria within abscess cavity are relatively inaccessible to antibodies and antibiotic drugs


describe the difference between a bacterial endotoxin and an exotoxin

exotoxin = synthesised inside the cell
endotoxin = associated with cell wall