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When was the play written ?



When was the play set ?



What does Sybil Birling say after Shelia calls Eric squiffy?

‘Really, the things you girls pick up these days!’


What does Sybil say after Shelia says to Gerald about not seeing him over summer ?

‘Now, Shelia, Don’t tease him’


How does Sybil describe Eva/Daisy?

‘Girls of that class’


How does Sybil react when she is blamed for some responsibility?

‘But I accept no blame for it all’


What does Shelia say which represents how protected women were in 1912 ?

‘Look Mummy’


What does Shelia say at the end of the play which shows she has changed and learnt a lesson from the Inspector however her family haven’t ?

‘You and I aren’t the same people who sat down to dinner’


I hat does Shelia say to Gerald which shows she is suspecting what he was doing during the summer ?

‘Yes-except for all last summer’


What does Shelia say when the inspector is questioning her which shows that she is starting to grow up and learn that there is consequences for your actions ?

‘So I’m really responsible’


What does Mr Birling say to show that he thinks he knows everything but the audience watching will see that he doesn’t?

‘Fiddlesticks! The Germans don’t want war. Nobody wants war’


What does Birling say to show that he wants people to know who he is and they should listen to him because he know what he is talking about ?

‘I’m talking as a hard headed practical man of business’


What does Birling say to show that he is very stubborn and will not take responsibility, what Priestly wants to get rid of?

‘I can’t accept any responsibility’


How does Birling describe Eva/Daisy?

‘Country bred’


What does Eric say about his father when he is being questions and his father is shocked that he took money from him ?

‘ you’re not the kind of father a chap could go to when he’s in trouble’


When Birling finally admits he knew who Eva/ Daisy was what does he say to the Inspector to show him and the audience that he cares more about his status than what happened?

‘I’d give thousands’


What does the Inspector say harshly to Shelia because he wants her to learn and he thinks she will learn her lesson, he says this to her when she tries to offer help ?

‘Yes but you can’t. It’s too late. She’s dead’


The inspector says this which builds tension when Mr Birling thinks that he should show the photo to Eric?

‘He must wait his turn’


This shows that the Inspector is standing up to Birling and he doesn’t care about the social status, and whether Birling is trying to intimidate him or not?

‘Public men, Mr Birling have responsibilities as well as privileges’


What does the Inspector say to Mrs Birling when she tries to lie to him

‘ you’re not telling me the truth’


What does the Inspector say to Mrs Birling to reassure her that he will deal with the man who had a baby with Eva/ Daisy?

‘Don’t worry, Mrs Birling. I shall do my duty’


The inspector stand up to the family as he wants to leave a big impact on them, then let them argue afterwards

‘Settle this afterwards’


The beginning of the last speech that the Inspector gives to the family and he doesn’t just want it to leave an impact on the family but also on the audience watching?

‘But there are millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us’


The very last thing the inspector says which Shelia also repeats to show he has left and impact on not only the family but the audience

‘Fire and bloody and Anguish’


How Mr Birling describes Gerald ?

‘Well-bred man- about-town’


How Gerald tries to tell Shelia that he wasn’t cheating on her because - how he describes Eva?

‘ I didn’t feel about her as she did for me’


What does Shelia say to him when she gives the ring back ?

‘I think you’d better take this with you’


What does he say which shows he is with the younger generation as he ring up the police

‘They haven’t has a suicide for months’


What does the Inspector say to tell them they will all responsible ?

‘Each if you helped to kill her’


what does Shelia say which shows she has taken responsibility and she cannot believe what she has done

‘I know I’m to blame’

‘I’m desperately sorry’