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Most basic design element. Gives visual direction to a design and can emphasize or disguise a design element. _____ can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or curved.



They will lead the eye upward, adding height, formality, dignity, permanence and strength to the design. ________ lines can be seen columns, pillars, stripes on a wall, tall furniture, long narrow drapes.

vertical lines


They lead the eye to the left or right. This suggests informality, peace, relaxation, calmness, and restfulness. They can be seen in long low roof lines and furniture pieces (sofas and chests), valances across a window, long shelves across a wall. They make a space seem wider and shorter.

Horizontal lines


They suggest action, movement and excitement. They should be used sparingly in design as they are tiring to the eye. Feeling of transition from one level to another. They can be seen in staircases, cathedral ceilings, and gabled roofs.

Diagonal lines


They add a softened graceful effect to a design. They can take a free form shape ad range from slightly curvy to very curvy. Too many curved lines can look busy. They can be seen in arched doorways; ruffled or ballooned curtains, curved furniture and rounded accessories.

Curved lines