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Think about the ICF model and all its components: Health condition --> Impairments, Activity + Participation Limitations --> Personal + Env factors

In the 'Health conditions' heading, you have degenerative conditions - early, middle, late phases - and acute conditions (stroke, TBI) - acute, chronic phases


Describe the early, middle, late stages of MS

- minimal disability (management of relapses here)

- moderate disability (symptomatic management + rehab)

- severe disability (coordinated care+awareness of end of life issues)

* ALL stages have patient education + self-management


What is the evidence for exercise in the management of MS?

- HIGH QUALITY evidence that exercise, PA improves fatigue, quality of life, functional outcomes


What is the EDDS and what does it stand for?

Extended Disability Status Scale
- 10 pt scale (increments of 0.5 starting at 1.0)
- used for MS
- 5 pts = severe disability; cant work a full day without special provisions
- 7pts = can't walk >5m even with aid
- 8.5 = restricted to bed most of the day
- 10 = death d/t MS


What is the effect of exercise on walking MS?

- WALKING - can improve 10m walk time by ~2 seconds (Pearson et al, 2015)

- WALKING - can improve 6MWT - can walk 36m more in 6MWT (Pearson et al 2015)

- STRENGTH - small to moderate effect size of exercise on strength but EDDS was not specified (Platta et al 2015)


What is the Hoehn + Yahr Stages and what is it used for?

- used of PD
- 5 pt scale (0-5)

0 = Asymptomatic
1 = unilateral involvement
2 -= bilateral involvement
3 = mild to mod involvment; some instability but still independent; needs some assistance to recover from pull test
4 = severe disability; can still walk/stand unassisted
5 = wheelchair bound/bed ridden


Relate early, middle, and late PD stages to HR stages and how the interventions differ in these stages

Early = 1-2.5 (promote activity+movement to maintain strength)
Middle = 2-4 (more specific interventions focusing on range of tasks/interventions - transfers, posture, balance, gait)
Late = 5 (maintain vital functions, prevent contractures)


Describe the early, middle, and late stages of MND:

- mild to moderate weakness
- activity limitations towards the end of this stage

- severe weakness in some mm groups
- progressive reduction in mobility
- wheelchair needed for longer distances

- severe weakness of ALL mm's
- restricted to bed+wheelchair
- respiratory compromise


What are the AIMS of physio intervention in treating neurodegenerative conditions?

1. Prevent 2º impairments!
- address the inactivity that causes further deconditioning

2. Promote optimum PA
3. Improve QoL

4. Promote + psychosocial adjustment