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What does the term IPV or intimate partner violence describes?

-describes physical, emotional, pscholgical harm by current or former spouse.


What are the 4 main types of IPV?

-Physical assault
-Sexual violence
-Emotional violence
-Psychological violence

Stalking is also part of IPV.


What are the stats of IPV between men and women?

-about 1.3 million women and 835k men are assaulted by IPV. 33% of female murder victims are due to intimate partner violence.

-More than 3 women a day are murdered by partner.

-On average 24 people per minute are victims of physical violence or stalking

-30-60% would also abuse the children int he house

-85% of victims are women


What are dentist mandate to report?

Only mandate to report potentially life threatening gun woulds or sharp object injuries.
2nd or 3rd degree burns to over 5% of the body must be reported.

-Must be reported by physcian or manager
-everything else youre not a mandated reporter


When a study was conducted about victims of domestic violence and need from dental professions, what are the findings?

88.6 of participants who vistied the dentist werent asked about their injuries

69.2% of respondendants indicated they would have wanted to be asked about their injurires

-Dental professionals need to take more active role as 75% of IPV injuries occur to head, neck and mouth


What are some clinical signs of domestic violence?

- Patterned bruises on the neck from attempted strangulations
-Soft and hard palate bruises or abrasions from implements of pentration indicated forced seual act

-Intraoral trauma from slaps or punches or damage to he soft tissues.


Why is strangulation is an indicator of high level IPV?

Because it can escalate to death. 11-33 pounds of pressure on neck can result into brain death in 4-5 minutes.


Why do women stay in abusive relationship?

-Fear --> 75% of women die due to domestic violence is due to leaving the batter
-Societal pressure
-religous beliefs
-economic dependance


What is AVDR?



What is give back a smile progroam?

Desgined for women or men survivors of dental injuiries due to former spouse
-Injuries affecting smile zone
-proof they ended the relationship
-Must have one interview to connect them with local resources and confirm validity.