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Different places provide different types of opportunities for tourism. True or False?

True. Countries need to look at what they have to offer before developing their tourist industries and try to make the most of their natural and human resources.


Polar tourism is now a billion-pound industry. True or False?

False. Not quite that much. But it is a multimillion-pound industry which started from virtually nothing 24 years ago.


How many tourists did Antarctica receive in the 2007 season?

Almost 4,000!


The Arctic Circle is more accessible than the Antarctic. How many visitors does it pull in each year?

Over 1 million per year!


Polar tourism is expensive. How much does a trip to the Antarctic cost?

Up to £7000 - not your average holiday!


What are some of the activities that people may want to take part in on a polar trip?

"Whale-watching, ice-sheet treks, polar bear viewing and dog sled racing are just a few."


Why are Iceland and Sweden popular destinations?

In Iceland people can experience the active volcanic landscape and in Sweden guests can see the Northern Lights from a hotel made of ice!


Cultural tourism is also becoming more popular in polar regions. Why is this?

Tourists are encouraged to visit traditional Inuit villages and learn about the local people and their age old way of life.


Why did Benidorm choose to move away from the fishing industry and towards tourism?

The area suffered a decline of Tuna fishing in the 1950s and the area quickly had to find an alternative source of income.


After the decline of Tuna fishing in the 1950s why did Benidorm think tourism was the best way forward?

There had been hotels along the beachfront in the Levante area since 1925 so the town council decided to move towards tourism.


Name some of the more extreme activities that people may be interested in in Antarctica.

Tourists can parachute, ski, ride a motorbike or fly a helicopter across the Antarctic continent.


Why are environmental organisations worried about extreme tourism in Antarctica?

They are worried about the damage these activities can cause on one of the few pristine and untouched wildernesses left in the world.


Why are tourists attracted to Benidorm?

The hot summer temperatures, the beach, the all-day bars and all-night clubs.


Why was there a tourism boom in Benidorm in the 1970s?

Alicante Airport opened in 1967. By 1977 the town received 12million visitors even though the normal population was only 60,000!


How much money do tourists spend in Benidorm each hour?

£500,000 per hour!


There has been a fall in the number of tourists visit LEDC countries. True or flase?

False. In recent years more people have been travelling to LEDCs.


Name some LEDC countries that have sold themselves as winter sun destinations.

Many South-east Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Thiland and Goa in southern India.


The Maldives is famous for eco-tourism. True or False?

False. The Maldives is known as a romantic destination and is famous for weddings and honeymoons.


How much money did tourism make worldwide in 2006?

£400 billion! More than half of this went to European countries.


How do governments benefit from tourism?

People or companies who work in tourism pay taxes to the government who can then improve the local infrastructure.


What is infrastructure?

Basic networks such as transport, power supplies and telecommunications.


How much was tourism worth to Britain in 2007?

More than £86 billion! Half of which came from money spent on day trips by UK residents.


How many people in Britain work in the tourism industry?

Over 2 milion!


Tourism brings many economic benefits. Name some of the other benefits tourism can bring to an area.

Tourism can: break down national barriers and increase cultural understanding, improve local areas for residents by helping to keep shops and services open, raise awareness of the need to protect fragile and unspoilt environments.


What is heritiage tourism?

Travelling to see historical and cultural aspects of a country.


Britain is famous for heritage tourism. True or false?

True. Our unique history and attactions such as the royal family bring in millions of visitors.


Some places market themselves as party destinations to attract tourists. Name one such example.

Ayia Napa is a tourist resort on the south coast of Cyprus.


Name some of the social problems Ayia Napa's development has created.

Bad behaviour of tourists puts pessure on the police and noise has forced many residents to move away.


What topics should you answer in the exam?

Tourism, coasts, urbanisation and natural hazards.