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Incomplete glucose oxidation (anaerobic; produces acid or alcohol)


TCA Cycle:

Acetyl CoA + citrate → NADH + FADH2



ETC: redox carriers in cytoplasmic membrane yield ATP
o Substrates → Dehydrogenases → Quinones → Cytochromes → Terminal oxidases


Aerobic vs anaerobic vs Facultative


o Aerobic: terminal electron acceptor is oxygen (most efficient); Mycobacteria

o Anaerobic: use fermentation pathway; terminal acceptor is nitrate, nitrite, fumarate or sulfate; Clostridia

o Facultative: can use both of the above pathways; E.coli


Lab Tests Based on Metabolic Reactions (4):

Catabolism of sugars:
H2S production detected as:
Oxidase test detects:
Catalase test checks for:

o Catabolism of sugars to produce acid
o H2S production detected as gas or FeS
o Oxidase test detects cytochrome oxidase c
o Catalase test checks for enzyme that breaks down toxic O2 during respiration


Capnophilic vs Microaerophilic:

o Capnophilic: organism requiring CO2 at a level exceeding that of air
o Microaerophilic: organism requiring O2 at a level below that found in air