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-emma presented as clever, spoilt, matchmaker
- Woodhouse can only consider his point of view
- Mr knightley is presented positively
- Emma is reeling from miss taylors marriage

chapter 1


- supper at hartfield with bates' and Godard
Godard bring 17-year-old harriet who emma likes
- emma makes it her mission to mould harriet

chapter 3


- mr knightley and Mrs weston talking about emma and harriets relationship
- Mr knightley disapproves
- knightley talks of emmas reading list
- Mrs weston thinks they are a good match

chapter 5


- emma resolves to match elton and harriet by painting her portrait
- harriet loves elton, emma thinks elton loves harriet, and elton loves emma

chapter 6


- harriet get proposal letter from martin
- emma is suprised by his good penmanship
- emma manipulates harriet to refuse it
- harriet is distressed but listens to emma

chapter 7


- emma argues with knightley over Harriets refusal of marriage
- knightley approved of marriage
emma disapproved, though matin wasnt good enough for harriet
- knightley angrey with emma for meddeling

chapter 8


- elton writes a riddle of love clearly intent for emma
- emma believes its for harriet
- emma transcribes it, but harriet cant

chapter 9


- emma and harriet pay a duty visit to locals
- emma feels its best for her not to marry
- emma anoyed to hear niss bates talk of jane again
- elton hurries to walk with emma and emma contrives to get an invitation to the vicarage

chapter 10


- elton pays a lot of attention to emma
- new arrives churchill will soon visit highbury
- people are doubtful but everyone is excited to see him

chapter 14


- knightley tells woodhouse snow has began
- emma in a carriage with elton
- elton announces love for emma, emma assumes he's drunk
- says he's never loved harriet, proposes to emma,
- elton thought emma had encouraged him

chapter 15 (end of volume 1)


- emma reluctantly comforts hariret over her loss of elton
- emma and harriet visit the bates
- miss bates goes on about her niece jane and annoys emma by over-reading a letter from her

chapter 19


- jane arrives
- jane is orpahned and adopted by her father superior, conell campbell - it is understood she'll be a governess
- knightley thinks emmadislikes jane becuase she more accomplished
- jane thwarts emma questions about frank

chapter 20


- frank goes to london for a haricut
- westons and Knightley receive an invitation for a party at the coles
- emma vows if she gets an invites she'll refuse
- she gets an invitation and decides to go (doesn't want to miss anything)
- woodhouse refuses to go and tries to discourage others, but Emma persuades him and gets her own way

chapter 25


- emma accepts the invitation to dinner
- coles say they're honured by her prescence
- emma and frank sit together
- piano arrives for jane (emma thinks from Mr Dixson)
- Miss weston thinks knightley's falling for jane and emma disapproves of this

chapter 26


- emma remembers the party and loves how she was centre of attention
- practices piano because jane is better

chapter 27


- frank wants a ball
- emma takes all her power to persuade Woodhouse that the ball will be ok
- everyone is debating where to have the ball because franks house is too small
- franks insist on fetching bates and jane for their views

chapter 29


- emma assumes she's in love with frank
- everything tells her she's not in love with him - so concludes she just likes him
- harriet continue morning for Elton, due to bring is wife anyday
- emma vows to match hariet up with frank to heal her

chapter 31


- mr elton arrives with his new bride
- emma bring harret to overcome embarassment
- Mr Elton embarassed, but emma sensitive enoguh to understand
- emma finds Mrs Elton overfamiliar and crass
- emma insulted when Elton refers to Knightley crudely

chapter 32


- emma convinced frank loves her but she doesn't feel the same
- after watching him, emma realises frank isn't in love with her
- plans for the ball are resumed

chapter 37


- day of ball, Mrs weston asks emma for advice but emma insulted that she wasnt asked first
- frank happy to see jane but eager for jane and bates to arrive
- frank refuses to partner Mrs Elton, having made arrangements with emma
- emma angry that Mr Elton snubs harriet, and is then see smiling with Mrs Elton
knightley escorts harriet to dance
-Emma angry with eltons but praises him for kindness to harriet (emma and knightley then dance)

chapter 38


- harriet has parcel containing memories of elton (burns them)
- harriet agrees never to marry but talks about admiring someone - emma assumes its frank

chapter 40


- plans for boxhill made
- emma annoyed at westons sugestion to have the parties merge as she didnt want to be with Mrs elton
- accidnt means they go strawberry picking instad
- elton takes control and pushes jane to become a governess
- jane appears upset and wants emma to make an excuse for her to leave (assume becuase of Mrs Elton)
- franka rrives within moments of jane leaving, feeling miserable

chapter 42


- Frank is sadened and then flirts with emma when seated
- emma pretends to be cheerful and makes a quip at Bates, Knightley repremanded her for this
- frank causes jane to fall out with emma
- frank turns everyone against emma by insulting them and blaming emma
- emma cries as Knightley makes her realises her heartlessness at insulting miss bates

chapter 43


- Knightleys disapproval of her behaviour at boxhill hurt her and made her realise her flaws
- she vows to visit miss bates and make more of an effort
- jane wont see her but emma is told shes acepted a job as governess, helped along by Mrs Elton
-emma is growing warmer to jane

chapter 44


- knightlet wants to see emma before leaving
-news that mrs churchill is dead
- frank now free to marry (emma assumes harriet)

chapter 45


- The Westons upset at franks secret engagement after the death of Mrs. Churchill enabled them to reveal the secret
- the Westons concerned that Frank had feelings for Emma
- emma quick to condemn franks behavior sympathizes with Jane, guilty that see's also been rude before surrounding Jane and Mr. DIxon, and concerned for Harriet's feelings

chapter 46


- emma stops worrying about Jane and focuses on finding love for Harriet
- surprised that Harriet is happy about franks engagement
- harriet revels shes in love with Knightley (after gypsies)
- emma realizes she loves Knightley - she compares all men to him and his opinion id most important
- she can't bear to think of Harriet and Knightley but realises it not her fault

chapter 47


- emma in turmoil; hopes Harriet doesn't get with Knightley, realizes Knightley doesn't love her, hopes that Knightley remains unmarried and a family friend as she knows she cant leave Mr. Woodhouse
- Mrs. Weston visits but Emma cant pay attention
when everyone leaves Emma realizes she should have been nicer to Jane and behaved better
- she reflects on how lonely her future at Hartfield will be away from the society she loves

chapter 48


- stormy july wether begins but stope towards end
- emma bums into knightley and pretends to be ok while talking of janes engagement
- knightley slates frank and emma realises he thinks she is in love with frank
- knightley realises emma being truthful but emma stops him talking thinking he's going to declare love for harriet
- emma sees he hurt do presses him to continue,
- emma and knightley are both shocked as they declare their love
- knightely reveals he went to london as he couldn't bear watching emma and frank, and only returned to comfort emma after franks engagement

chapter 49


- emma worries about woodhouse and harriet
- she writes to harriet and gets her an invite to her sister's house
- mrs weston gives emma a letter from frank that explains his behaviour, hoping that she will forgive him
- explained frank and jane are in love but had to hide engagement from aunt and judgemental friends
- he was miserable about hiding it and jane tried to break it off by taking job as governess

chapter 50


- emma happy harriet goes to london
- dreading telling father and waits until birth of westons' baby
- goes to jane to cement friendship but cant talk openly because Mrs Elton is there
- emma is patient when Mrs ELton argues about Elton being at the crown
- jane shows emma out and want to talk to her - they make peace and apologise

chapter 52


-Mrs weston has baby
- Emma tells Woodhouse of engagement (worried about how he'll react)
- Knightely an mrs weston help her tell him
- news spreads quickly and everyone is happy apart from Mrs Elton

chapter 53


- knightley tells emma martin proposed to harriet and she accepted
- emma is happy she doesnt have to worry about harriet
- she suspected harriet always had feelings for him
- emma realises that knightley was right int hat harriet could have a better match for a social situation
-when talking to frank, emma realises Knightley is a lot better than him

chapter 54