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Who is Ascanius?

Aeneas' son, also known as Iulus, he is a symbol of Rome's destiny as his ancestors will go on to found the Roman race. He drives Aeneas to follow his destiny to provide a future he deserves


Who is Anchises?

Aeneas' father, and a symbol of Aeneas' Trojan heritage, he dies in the journey from Troy to Italy, as he is part of Aeneas' Trojan past.


Who is Creusa?

Aeneas' wife and Ascanius' mother, she dies as they are fleeing from Troy


Who is Sinon?

The Greek who pretends he has been left behind at the end of the Trojan war, he tricks the Trojans into bringing in the wooden horse and lets the warriors out while inside.


Who is Latinus?

King of the Latins, father of Lavinia, he welcomes Aeneas and encourages him to be a suitor for Lavinia, eventually causing resentment and war in his kingdom


Who is Lavinia?

Latinus' daughter, as an individual she does not play a big part, but she is the object of the Trojan-Latin struggle, and is important in legitimising Augustus' rule as Aeneas marrying her means that he was entitled to Italy.


Who is Amata?

Latinus' wife and Lavinia's mother, she is disapproving of marriage between her daughter and Aeneas, she is loyal to Turnus and kills herself when it is clear he cannot win


Who is Evander?

King of Pallanteum, father of Pallas, sworn enemy of the Latins, but Aeneas befriends him to secure his assistance in the fight against Turnus


Who is Pallas?

Son of Evander, entrusted in Aeneas care while in battle, acts as a second son to him. He dies while in battle at the hands of Turnus, causing Aeneas great grief, leading him to kill Turnus.


Who is Camilla?

Leader of the Volscians, warrior maidens, she represents the only 'strong woman' in the Aeneid


Who is Juturna?

Turnus' sister and a nymph, she provoked the battle between the Latins and the Trojans despite the peace treaty, s


Who is Juno?

Queen of the gods, wife and sister of Jupiter, she hates the Trojans and is patron of Carthage, she acts as Aeneas' main divine antagonist


Who is Venus?

Goddess of love and Aeneas' mother, she helps her son though often in disguise, protecting him from Juno


Who is Jupiter?

King of the god, reigning supreme over them and fate, directs Aeneas through his destiny, ensuring he follows through


Who is Neptune?

God of the sea, ally of Aeneas and Venus, he calms the storms to help him


Who is Mercury?

The messenger god


Who is Aeolus?

The wind God, enlisted by Juno to create the storm to disrupt Aeneas


Who is Cupid?

Son of Venus, he disguises himself as Ascanius and makes Dido fall in love with Aeneas


Who is Allecto?

A fury, a deity who avenges sins, sent by Juno to entice the Latins into war