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How large is the Great Plain?

1988 miles long, 497 miles wide


Whats the weather like in the Plains?

Very hot and dry in summer.
Very cold and snow in winter.
Very harsh winds all year.


Give 3 examples of animals that live on the Plains.

Buffalo, Coyote, Deer


Whats the landscape like on the Plains?

Very dry and desert like. Long grass and some woodland near the Mississippi river


Name 3 different Native Indian tribes.

Sioux, Cheyenne, Arapaho


Why did the Indians move to the Plains?

Horses meant they could travel easier.
Europeans brought new diseases that they weren't immune to.
The Plains was full of buffalo.
1832- the Indian Removal Act- Permanent Indian Frontier - the Indians weren't welcome in the east.


Name 3 different uses of the Buffalo.

Hide used to make tipis and clothing.
Hair was used for stuffing in pillows, cushions and saddles.
Fur was used for blankets and saddle covers.


Describe the 2 different methods of catching the buffalo.

Dressing up in wolfs skin and creeping up on the buffalo then killing them when close enough.
Buffalo Jump - chasing buffalo off a cliff with horses.


How many families were in a Band of Indians?

10-50 families


What was the Mens role in the Indian family?

Hunt, Fight, Protect family


What was the Womens role in the Indian family?

"Domestic" duties, raise children, make resources from buffalo, the tipi was the property of the woman.


What was the Elderlies role in the Indian family? and was it meant by the term "exposure"?

Help raise and teach children.
Exposure means when an elderly would tell their band to continue onwards without them because the survival of the band was more important than individual survival.


What is meant by the term "Polygamy"? and why did the Indians practice it?

Men could take more than one wife.
This would be practiced because there were more women in a band then men and women needed a husband to provide the buffalo so it made sense.


Why did the Indians preform the "Sun dance"?

To bring warriors power.


When would the Indians use "Counting coup"? and why?

When fighting with other Indians.
Seen as braver to touch enemy than kill them.