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Two key quotes from a poison tree?

I was angry with my foe I told it not my wrath did grow

And it grew both day and night til it bore an apple bright


Two key quotes from the destruction of Sennacherib?

And the sheen of their spears were like stars on the sea

For the angel of death spread his wings on the blast


Two key quotes from the prelude?

Small circles glittering idly in the moon

There hung a darkness, call it solitude or blank desertion


Two key quotes from the man he killed?

I shot at him as he at me and killed him in his place

I shot him dead because- because he was my foe


Two key quotes from cousin Kate?

He work me like a golden knot and changed me like a glove

The neighbours call you good and pure, call me an outcast thing


Two key quotes from half-caste?

Explain yuself wha yu mean when you say half caste

Yu mean tchaikovsky sit down at dah piano an mix a black key wid a white key is a a half-caste symphony


Two key quotes from exposure?

Sudden successive flights of bullets streak the silence less deadly than the air that shudders black with snow

All their eyes are ice, but nothing happens


Two key quotes from The charge of the light brigade?

All in the valley of death rode the six hundred

Honour the light brigade noble six hundred


Two key quotes from Catrin?

Fierce confrontation, the tighter red rope of love which we both fought over

Trailing love and conflict as you ask may you skate in the dark for one more hour


Two key quotes from war photographer?

She dropped her burden and, mouth too small for her dark scream

But hell, like heaven, is untidy it's boundaries arbitrary as a blood stain on a wall


Two key quotes from Belfast confetti?

It was raining exclamation marks

Why can't I escape? Every move is punctuated


Two key quotes for the class game?

How can you tell what class I'm from?

Don't I crook my little finger when I drink me tea, say toilet instead of bog when I want to pee?


Two key quotes from poppies?

Three days before Armistice Sunday and poppies had already been placed

I listened, hoping to hear your playground voice catching in the wind


Two key quotes from no problem?

I am not de problem but I bare de brunt of silly playground taunts an racist stunts

I am a born academic but dey got me on the run now I am branded athletic

An just for de record, sum of mr best friends are white


Two key quotes from what were they like?

Did the people of Vietnam use Lanterns of stone

Sir their light hearts turned to stone