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What plan should be incorporated for a pt who has just completed a round of oral steroids to treat an exacerbation of asthma?

Glucocorticoid supplementation before surgery (pre-op)


If bilateral RLN interruption occurs during thyroidectomy, what are the most intermediate and long term outcomes for the pt?

interruption = cut

intermediate cadaveric position


If bilateral RLN injury occurs during thyroidectomy, what are the most probable outcomes for the pt?

injury =

adduction of vocal cords --> loss of airway


Which type of policy covers an injury that occurred during the policy period by the claim is filed after policy conclusion?

tail coverage


What does the falciform ligament divide?

L and R lobes


The liver has a dual blood supply. Name those blood supplies and the % of oxygen utilized by the liver that comes from each?

Portal vein 50% of utilization
Hepatic artery 50% also

Portal vein provides 75% of the blood flow


What pharmacologic treatment is best for severe hypotension associated with carcinoid syndrome?

vasopressin b/c bradykinins produce vasodilation


What clinical findings will provide early recognition of TURP syndrome in a pt receiving GA?

cardiovascular changes


A 24 yo pt with ESRD was hemodialyzed day prior to renal transplant. What would be the best IV fluid management during the CRT surgery?

volume loading