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Instead of being debilitated by stress, leaders were _____________ & ____________ by it.

Challenged & Energized


Making mistakes is part of the price people pay for ____________ & for ____________.

Innovation & Learning


The ability to __________ & ___________ under stressful, risk-abundant situations is highly dependant on how you view change

Grow & Thrive


When it comes to stress, "psychologically hardy" leaders made these assumptions about themselves:

1. They felt a strong sense of control; believing they could influence outcomes
2. They were strong in commitment; believing they could find something engaging in everything
3. They felt strong about the need for challenge; believing personal improvement comes from continual learning


While innovation and challenge play important roles in personal progress; its also the way you _____________ challenge that's just as important

View - is you see challenges as learning opportunities you are more likely to succeed


_____________ can be learned and cultivated at any time in life.



Develop hardiness by building the following:

1. A sense of control through choosing tasks that are challenging but within the person's skill level
2.Commitment with the offer of more rewards that punishments
3.An attitude of challenge by encouraging people to see change as full of possibilities


People can't lead unless they are _____________ _________

Psychologically hardy


People need to believe they can overcome ______________ if they're to accept the challenge of change.



Feelings of __________, __________ & ___________ provide internal cues for recognizing when you're excelling and when you're only getting through the day.

Commitment, control, & challenge


People preform their best when they are confident that their _________ match the level of ______________ of the experience.

Skills; challenge


When forces of challenge never test their skills and abilities people begin to feel _________ and __________

Apathy & Boredom


When challenges overwhelm their capabilities, people feel ______________ or _____________.

Worry or Anxiety


Optimal performance is achieved when challenges are moderate to high & _________ are at the same level or moderately stretched.



A major task for all leaders is to identify and remove ______________________ & ______________________ that block innovation and creativity.

self-imposed constraints & organizational conventions


What are three actions you should do to encourage yourself and your constituents to experiment and take risks.

1. Conduct Postmortems
2. Conduct Pre-Mortems
3.Strengthen Resilience


What is the key purpose of conducting a postmortems?

To learn from yours and other's mistakes.


When conducting a postmortem, what four questions should you ask of your team?

1. What did we do well?
2. What did we do poorly?
3. What did we learn from this project?
4. How can we do better the next time?


What is the purpose of conducting a "pre-mortem"?

To discover the possibly hidden flaws and minefields in any new project


Hardiness and resilience are _________, not ________ , states.

Mental; physical


What are four things you can do to help yourself and others in developing the capacity to bounce back from failures and take charge of change?

1. Step back and gain some perspective
2. Ask yourself what new skills and knowledge you will need
3. Set some goals and make a plan
4. Get some help and support from others