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After a successful presentaion she was presented with a _______?

Stuffed horse


Everytime Melissa had success, Amanda walked by and di this?

squeezed the horse


After difficult consolidations Amanda lifted her team spirits by doing this?

Taking the team out for lunch and a movie


Amanda invested in her team development by finding classes, seminars, conferences or any learning experience because?

She thought it would increase their competencies


Social psychologists have referred the Pygmalion effect as being?

More likely to get high performance if they expect high performance than if they expect low performance.


To be successful on the job, leaders make certain that people feel?

That they belong, are accepted and valued, and have the skills and inner resources needed to be successful


Jason Cha was challenged to reduce cost in the global industrial and commercial business unit of Tyco Electronics by?

Reclaiming spool construction and bringing it in-house despite the limited available resources


Jason Cha discovered?

Recognizing and rewarding indivisual contributions was one of the most effective ways to keep people focused and to foster innovation


Feeling affirmed and appreciated?

Increases a person's sense of self worth, which in turn precipitates success in all area's of one's life


What 3 things happens when managers are constantly on the lookout for problems?

-They get a distorted view of reality -overtime, production declines -their personal credibility hits bottom


Stress and anxiety levels will increase and production will be less efficient without?