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the most significant contributors to a strong and resilent workforce and that one that in the long run can get extraordinary things done is?

a culture that builds and strengthens relationships


when organization leaders award their members for their accomplishments and sacrifices what does that show the member?

demonstrates that their expression of respect and recognition is genuine


exemplary leaders know that promoting a culture of celebration fuels what?

a sense of unity and mission essential for retaining and motivating todays workforce


david campbell said a leader who ignores or impedes organizational ceremonies and considers them as frivolous or not cost effective is ignoring the rhythms of what?

history and our collective conditioning.


celebrations are punctuations marks that make sense of the passage of time  and without them?

there are no beginning and endings


if leaders are to effectively celebrate the values and victories they must master what essentials?

create a spirit of community and be personally involved


celebrations are among the most significant ways we have to do what?

proclaim our respect and gratitude, to renew our sense of community and to remind ourselves of the values and history that bind us together


what has research on corporate celebrations found?

celebrations infuse life with passion and purpose and they bond people together and connect us to shared valves and myths


when times are tough what can draw us together kindling hope and faith that better times lie ahead



the best leaders know that every gathering is a chance to?

renew commitment


whether to honor an individual group or organizational achievement or to encourge team learning and relationship building celebrations and ceremonies offer leaders the perfect opportunity to?

explicity communicate and reinforce the actings and behaviors that are important in realizing shared valves and shared goals


everything about a ceremony or celebration should be matched to?

its purpose


what leaders preach and celebrate must be  one and the same and if not?

will come off as insincere and phony and the leaders credibility will suffer


individual recogntion increases the recipents?

sense of worth and improves performance


public events can showcase?

real examples of what it means to do what we say we will do


public celebrations of accomplishment build commitment because

make peoples actions visible to their peers and therfore difficult to deny or revoke


scheduled celebrations serve as opportunites to get people together so?

that the see themselves as part of a bigger picture of having a shared destiny and affirming shared values and victories


what dual purpose shall celebrations serve?

one is to honor a principle or an achievment and the other is to create community


at minimum you ought to have at least _ celebration each year that invloves everyone

one celebration


what are the different kind of celebration you can have?

1. cyclical celebration  2. recognition celebrations  3. celebrations of triumph 4. rituals for comfort and letting go 5. personal transitions 6. workplace altruism 7. events


research point out coworkers who support each other and achieve together can be?

antidote to service burnout, working with others should be rejuenating, inspirational and fun


if you have best friends at work you're likely?

engage customers, get more done in less time, have more fun on the job, have a safe workplace with fewer accidents, innovate and shared ideas, feel informed and know that your opinion counts and have the opportunity to focus on your strenghts each day


all the personal best leadership experiences were?

a combination of hard work and fun


when key leaders openly demonstrate the joy and passion the have for their organization?

their team members and their clients it sends a very loud meassage to others that it perfectly acceptable for people to make public display of playfulness it okey to show enthusiasm at work


if you want others to believe in something and behave according to those beliefs?

you have to set the example by being personally involved


if you want to build and maintain a culture of excellence and distinction?

you have to recognize, reward, reinforce and celebrate exceptional efforts and successes


what is the foundation of leadership