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How can criteria be met when organising a meeting?

- Are the people involved internal, external or a combination
- Is the meeting urgent
- Are senior staff likely to attend
- What is the purpose of the meeting
- Will the location impact certain members of the meeting?


Personal Availability factors

- Are the required personnel available
- Electronic diary systems can be synchronized on smartphones etc and reminders can be sent
- Monitoring an electric diary system means anyone can see your availability
- Some e-mail software can check availability


Room availability

- Some business' have meeting rooms that an be reserved or meetings can take place in managers office
- An external venue must be chosen if the business does not have a suitable meeting room


Location of a meeting

If people are travelling from around the UK then arranging a centrally located venue would be beneficial


Resources needed for meeting

If presentations is to be shown, access to a projector will be needed, therefore the venue must offer this facility



- An all day meeting may need food and drink provided, the choice of venue may depend on if these services are available


Shared Office Space

This may be a problem depending on the topic of the meeting, an external venue may need to be picked due to this


Resource Packs

- If attendees require copies of documentation, this must be produced, photocopied beforehand
- If people external to the business are attending this may be useful to provide information they may need
- On the day of the meeting it may be necessary to arrange visitor badges & parking spaces & reception staff have been informed of their arrival.


Business Costs

- A meeting could have cost implications e.g. if people have to travel long distances then alternative options could be telephone conferences which not only reduces costs but also means that time is not wasted travelling
- Instances where face to face meetings are needed as it a more professional approach


Travel criteria - Destination

- Different modes of transport are likely to be chosen depending on the distance to be travelled
- Destination will be based on convenience and time taken for each option


Travel Criteria - Dates/times

- Dates and times of the transport options should also be considered


Travel Criteria - Personnel

- If a group is travelling together then the car is more cost effective mode of transport as they can travel in the same car
- The level of seniority of the personnel will also have an influence on travel arrangements
- Some CEO'S of large companies may choose to fly business class rather than economy


Travel Criteria - Special Arrangements

- special arrangements may have to be made, for example, if the person has not passed their driving test or does not have their own car
- If a business has employees who travel regularly there may also be a requirement for business travel insurance policy.


Travel criteria - Mode of transport/timetables and schedules

- Consulting timetables and schedules will revel whether certain travel options are available


Travel criteria - Calculation/Comparison of costs

- A business must ensure that all costs are consistent
- When comparing costs it is essential that all of these costs are given in considerations to the personal needs and timescales


Accommodation criteria

- Location, rating and meal arrangements when booking accommodation will influence cost
- Close proximity to the meeting venue and motor roads or station is beneficial even if this is more expensive than hotels further away
- Star ratings may also be important depending on who is attending the meeting
- Payment type may also be a consideration


Personal requirements

- Staff may have particular considerations e.g. an adapted room if they have a disability
- Most hotels today have WI-FI access if staff need to use it, but it is not always free
- Other facilities such as a gym etc my be asked for


Hotel calculations/comparison of costs

- Online booking websites allow every comparison of the basic cost of accommodation
- Additional costs may be considered e.g. some city centre hotels require paid parking