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What does Bernoulli's principle state?

As the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure exerted by that fluid decreases.
(Pressure is inversely proportional to fluid velocity).


What is the equation for Bernoulli's principle?

p + (ρv²)/2 + ρgh = constant

p = pressure
ρ = density
v = velocity
h = height/elevation
g = acceleration by gravity

[dynamic and static pressures]


What kind of energy losses does a fluid experience in pipework?

Ek transferred and lost as heat energy (due to friction/head loss due to friction)


What's head loss?

Energy lost due to resistance to flow.

This can occur due to sudden changes e.g. in pipe diameter

Major loss - loss in pipes and ducts
Minor loss - loss in components e.g. valves


What is the loss coefficient, K l?

A ratio of potential to kinetic energies, suggesting any additional energy lost in flow.


What do manometers measure?



What factors affect energy losses in pipes?

Fluid flow velocity
Length of pipe
Width/diameter of pipe
Pipe material (resulting in friction)
Change in direction of fluid flow
Obstacles or obstructions within the pipes
Type of fluid flow (e.g. laminar or turbulent)