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What breeds most common are affected by milk allergy?

Jerseys and Guernseys - becomes sensitized to casein in own milk


Milk allergy is associated with:

milk retention, unusual en- gorgement of the udder, and occasionally variable degrees of respiratory distress.


Histopathology findings of alopecia areata

Lymphocytic bulbitis


What factors are associated with bovine exfoliative erythroderma?

colostrum; erythema and vesicles on muzzle from birth


Insect hypersensitivity in bovine:

presumed hypersensitivity to salivary allergens of Culicoides spp.; seasonal (spring to fall); severe pruritic dermatitis of face, forehead, pinnae, and neck


signs of caprine PF:

more-or-less bilaterally symmetric and usually begin on the ventrum and perineum. The condition becomes widespread, and is often very severe on the face and pinnae. Initial lesions are pustules or vesicles. Erosions, oozing, crusts, scales, and alopecia are the dominant lesions found. Pruritus is mild to severe. Occasional animals are system- ically ill


insect hypersensitivity in caprine

presumed hypersensitivity to Culicoides spp. salivary antigens; seasonal (spring to summer); pruritic dermatitis, especially dorsum


Culicoides hypersensitivity in ovine:

a pruritic, erythematous, crusted, excoriated, lichenified dermatitis is most commonly present on the ventral chest and abdomen, udder, and teats. The pinnae, periocular area, legs, and flanks are occasionally affected. Typically only one or a few animals in a flock are affected.


Stomoxys calcitrans sensitivity in ovine:

Stomoxys hypersensitivity, the dermatitis is present on the rump, back, shoulders, and bridge of the nose, and up to 80% of a flock may be affected


distribution of lesions for atopic ovine:

face, pinnae, axillae, ventral abdomen and thorax, udder, cau- domedial thighs, and perineum


Which autoimmune disease has been described in adult Yucatan minipigs?

What is targeted in this disease?

Bullous Pemphigoid;

Autoantibodies (IgG) target collagen XVII in the lamina lucida of the basement membrane zone.