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Controversy regarding stem cells can be because of

embryo destruction

"cloning" humans


What percentage of the population regards stem cell use in medical research as acceptable?


But which stem cells - lack of distinction


What percentage of the population regards HUMAN EMBRYONIC stem cell use in medical research as acceptible?



What is the offensive part to the minority that don't like HE stem cells?

In growing the Inner cell mass (day 6), the embryo is destroyed


Under vic legislation, what options are available for parents to do with their frozen embryos, after they have had enough kids with IVF

extend the storage


donate to another couple

can donate the embryo to research


It is illegal to ..

buy embryos or force couples to donate to reseach


What are the concern about abuse of SCNT technology?

scientists using SCNT to create life to destroy a life (embryo=life)

Can't SCNT can be used to clone humans

Concerned that women will be exploited by SCNT - forced/able to sell eggs

SCNT will be used to create half humnan/half animal monsters (but not mixing genes)


What is SCNT?

In genetics and developmental biology, somatic-cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) is a laboratory technique for creating a viable embryo from a body cell and an egg cell.

The technique consists of taking an enucleated oocyte (egg cell) and implanting a donor nucleus from a somatic (body) cell.

It is used in both therapeutic and reproductive cloning.


What is an iPS?

Induced pluripotent stem cell

a type of pluripotent stem cell that can be generated directly from adult cells.


is iPS an ethical alternative?

Good for observing how cells behave, how they react to drugs etc...

really exciting area

Therapeutic application - can establish a bank to serve the general population (japan)

BUT, not an alternative - still ethical issues


What is involved in making a iPS-cell mouse?

Two-cell embryo is fused to generate a tetrapoid which then becomes a blastocyst.

This cannot make another mouse. Only when supplimented with iPS cells, will the development be steered into a clone


What do you need to use embryo's for research in Australia?

Ethics approval and a license

looks at how the participant will be formed

why you need to use SCs? - need to justify, a good check and balance


What is unfortunately happening in stem cell research

Using stem cells with no rationale, demonstrated efficacy or risk assessment

not peer reviewing.

slick website hide bogus treatments and use "clinical trial' when it's not a registered trial


What are the hazards of unproven stem cell treatments?

outside clinical trial by non-experts

lack of proven benefit

endorsed by patient testimony

risk of physical harm

financial exploiation

don't share their data, or publish when things go wrong

diversion from existing therapies

disqualification from future clinical trials (that may happen in Aus in the future)


What do expereinces of Australians travelsing for stem cell traetments entail?

They are considering themselves pro-active

no choice but to travel - Australia has "fallen behind"

Risks defined as financial

high cost - financial and emotional, (but actually your health is ALSO at risk)


What are some side effects of dodgy treatments?

Unexpected growths - even if cells are autologous, when they are in an environment they're not meant to be in, bad things happen

Deaths have happened - usually to people who are really ill


What unproven Stem cell treatments are being offered in Aus?

usually liposuction - $9,000+

Also, peripheral blood - offered for osteoarthritis, autism, MS< MND

marketed as medical practise


What is the loophole that allows these to exist?

The fact that it is the patients own cells - the legislation is only to do with donor cells