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What is effleurage?


Effleurage is a light, superficial manipulation performed with the palms of the hands. Hands remain relaxed and in full contact with the clients skin. Affects of effleurage include:

  • To introduce touch
  • To prepare the tissues for deeper work or manipulations
  • To serve as a connecting manipulation between different techniques
  • To increase the lymphatic drainage and blood circulation
  • helps with non-medical Oedema 
  • aids in desquamation (The shedding of the outer layers of the skin)
  •  Relieves tension

What is petrissage?


Petrissage means compression. Petrissage includes kneading , knuckling, lifting, rolling, pinching, and wringing. They provide a squeezing and stretching affect intended to relax the muscles and decrease tension.
Effects of petrissage include:

  • Increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation
  • Increase venous return
  • Breaks down tight nodule in the muscles
  • Aids in removal of waste products from the tissues
  • Promote relaxation and the client
  • help soften and mobilize fat

What are tapotements?


Tapotements are percussion like movements. They are used for general toning and should not be included in a relaxation massage. These movements include beating, clapping, cupping, hacking, and pounding. The client must have suitable body mass to receive this type of treatment. For example, thin or elderly patients are not qualified to have this manipulation done on the abdomen due to potential risk for injury. Effects of tapotement include:

  • Increase sluggish circulation
  • Stimulates the sensory nerve endings
  • Improve muscle tone and response
  • Helps to loosen mucus in the chest
  •  helps reduce obesity

What is vibration?


Vibration refers to fine, trembling movements. They are performed with one or both hands. Effects of vibration include:

  • Relieves tension in the neck and the long muscles of the back
  •  helps increase peristalsis

What is friction?


Friction causes skin and superficial structures to move together over the deeper, underlying structures. These movements help to break down fibrous thickening fat deposits, and aid in the removal of any non-medical Oedemas. Effects of friction include:

  • Aid and relaxation
  • Break down tight nodules
  •  increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation

** faults using these five types of manipulations will result in the client not feeling the benefits of the massage. For example if incorrect pressure is used meaning to light or too hard.


What is wringing?


Wringing is a broad petrissage technique which is an introduction to deeper and more specific techniques. It is performed with both hands moving in opposite direction, lifting and torquing the skin and tissue.


What is palmar kneading?


Palmar kneading is a more specific petrissage technique performed with the palm of the hand in contact with the muscles. Usually one hand supports and reinforces the action of the hand in contact with the body. This meeting is done in a smooth and continuous circular motion.


What is open C kneading?


It is done with each hand moving separately in opposite directions. It is typically performed over ribs, on the upper trapezius muscle, as well as the arms and legs. The tissue is lifted in this manipulation.


What is soothing stroking?


It is intended to relax the nervous system. It is typically performed at the end of any massage sequence. It involves a light tapping of the fingers or a light stroking up and down using extremely light to no pressure.