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Why do you think we need to discuss legislation to discuss environment of care?

legislation drives funding and environment of care

you want to work in a school the gov't pays you

laws that say these kids are going to get services


Brown vs Board of Education

1954 - racial discrimination with race

–Desegregation of Schools
–“Separate is not equal”

so now kids with disabilities were able to say they they deserve school too


1975 –The Federal Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act

Included clause which mandated states to reform institutions and provide a plan for deinstitutionalization


Education For All Handicapped Children Act

Public Law (PL) -The Education for All Handicapped Children Act passed by US Congress in 1975

–Free and appropriate public school education for all school aged (6-21) children with disabilities

–Emphasized individualized services to meet the unique needs of the child

–Funding for Services included related services (PT, OT etc) in school


What does IEP mean

individualized education plan - this is a legal contract between school, family and child
-these are the therapies you will get for the school year
-if you want to make new goals for the child you have to open up the IEP and agree on new goals


*EHA is

• 1986: Education of the Handicapped Act (EHA)

–Extended services to infants, toddlers and young children with disabilities and their families

-Precursor to IDEA

-This is the basis for everything legal that the government has to provide for children


*IDEA is and what are the parts

Individuals With Disabilities Education Act

Part A - general provisions
Part B - kids 3 - 21
Part C - early intervention, children 0-2


Part B of IDEA

• Free and appropriate public education for all children ages 3-21
• States must identify, locate and evaluate all children with disabilities
• SMART goals related to school based function not impairment
• Outcome, not process oriented
• Goals must be related to function at school
• Is a legal contract! –Cannot make any changes without formal meeting


What are SMART goals

Time Bound


*Americans With Disabilities Act 2008

Expands definition of Handicap

This act was made to help kids who do not have special education but who are handicapped still get services such as PT and OT.

Up until this point only children who had an IEP for education could get services


IDEA part C

• Services to be selected in collaboration with parent
• Intervention for those with disability
• Prevention and intervention for those at-risk of disability
• Enhance development of those with disability, minimize delay, considering brain development in first 3 years
• Reduce costs to education system
• Maximize potential for independence
• Enhance capacity of families to meet special needs • Enhance capacity of state and local agencies to identify, evaluate and meet needs of all children


"Prevention and intervention for those at-risk of disability"

You would think that it is easy to get services for these babies but it is not. ie: baby with downs syndrome

-These babies are eligible but it doesn't say what they are eligible for. Maybe just family support or monitoring

Bc What early intervention uses is the delayed based model


What is the Delayed Based Model

and what is the criteria

It is used by early intervention.

They want to see that there is already a problem to address. They are not trying to prevent the problem

- if a child is delayed in 1 domain 33% they are eligible for services

-2 SD below the mean is significant. if a baby scored 2sd below average then that qualifies them for help - the analoge is 1.5 SDs


What is family centered care (FCC)

whole idea is who knows this baby best. the family. teach them how to handle babies and exercises - so to drive intensity of intervention you have to get the family involved


What is IFSP

individualised family service plan (you can not make any changes without creating a meeting


What are pattern bruises

like from a hand slap. or bruising in atypical places like an inner thigh