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Genre of games where the player jumps and swings between platforms. Usually there is a static screen or an illusion of motion.


Static Screen

All gameplay happens on a playing field that doesn't scroll around


Donkey Kong

1981 - static playing field
One of the first games to have multiple levels
Introduced character that was synonymous with Nintendo – Mario


Manic Miner

1983 - move from screen to screen collecting items before oxygen runs out


Moon Patrol

Smooth scrolling - objects in the back move slower than objects in the front (illusion of motion)


Super Mario Brothers

1985 - smooth side scrolling
o Simple refined controls
o Jumping, running, collecting treasure
o Variable speeds, shoot fireballs, collect power-ups
o Influential title


Prince of Persia

1990s - PC Platformer
o Beautiful animation and cinematics that focused on story


Night into Dreams

Sega - did a good job of controlling the challenge of controlling the character and the camera in a 3D setting


Mirror's Edge

2007 - Parkour was the main game mechanic
o Features a strong female protagonist
o Violence is a secondary element to the game
o More focussed on stealth and running abilities