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Licensure and Examination (3 questions)

Physical therapist application for license fee:

 no more than $100


(page 12)

Licensure and Examination (3 questions)

If an applicant fails to pass the examination in three attempts, the applicant shall not be eligible for reexamination unless...

she or he completes additional educational or training requirements prescribed by the board


An applicant who has completed the additional educational or training requirements ( after three failing attempts)  prescribed by the board may take the examination on... how many more occasions?

two more occasions.

If the applicant has failed to pass the examination after five attempts, she or he is no longer eligible to take the examination.

Licensure and Examination (3 questions)

The board shall cause a license to be issued through the department to each applicant who successfully establishes eligibility under the terms of this chapter and remits the initial license fee set by the board, not to exceed...


Licensure and Examination (3 questions)

An applicant for licensure by examination who has previously taken the NPTE examination must have obtained a passing score on the NPTE examination within the _____ years immediately prior to the filing of the application for licensure.

five (5)

Licensure and Examination (3 questions)

In cases where an applicant’s Score Report (Passing scores on the NPTE and Florida Laws and Rules Examination) does not state “pass” or “fail,” the Board will deem an applicant to have passed the examination if the applicant’s raw scaled score is not less than ______ standard deviations below the national average for that examination offering.

one point five (1.5)


(page 29)

Licensure and Examination (3 questions)

If an applicant wishes to take the NPTE examination for the fourth time, the applicant must submit to the Board for approval satisfactory evidence of

successful completion of a course of study or internship designed to prepare the applicant for the physical therapy examination.

An applicant who has completed these additional requirements may take the examination on two more occasions.

Licensure and Examination (3 questions)

Requirements for reactivation of an inactive or retired license:

  1. Payments of all applicable fees (4 fees in total, see page 30)
  2. Documentation of completion of ten (10) hours of continuing education for each year the license was inactive.
  3. Documentation that the applicant is licensed and in good standing in another state and has actively engaged in the practice of physical therapy for the four (4) years immediately preceding application for reactivation, or

  4. (c) Documentation of application for and successful passage of the National Physical Therapy Examination, including payment of all associated fees.

Licensure and Examination (3 questions)

Each person holding a license issued must maintain on file with the Board of Physical Therapy Practice the current address at which any notice required by law may be served by the Board or its agent. Within _____ days of changing this address, whether or not within this state, the licensee shall notify the Board office in writing of the new address.

sixty days

(page 34)

Licensure and Examination (3 questions)

When the Board has suspended or otherwise restricted the license of a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant, the licensee may petition the Board for reinstatement or removal of restrictions. ___ ______shall reinstate a suspended license, or remove restrictions, upon its finding that the licensee has complied with all terms and conditions of the final order and the licensee possesses the present ability to safely practice physical therapy.

The Board

Licensure and Examination (3 questions)

courses on medical error prevention shall be two contact hours and include

  • a study of root-cause analysis,
  • error reduction
  • and prevention, and patient safety

Licensure and Examination (3 questions)

True or false:

Each licensee, licensed by January 1, 2021, must complete at least one hour of Human Trafficking education through an approved course no later than January 1, 2021.


(p. 44)