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Reincarnation -

Hindus/Sikh belief that our souls live on after death and reborn


Soul -

Spiritual aspect of being, which connects someone to god. Often known as living on after death


Dualism -

Belief that we are made of two parts, physical and spiritual. They believe the soul will live on


Materialism -

The view that nothing happens to us after we die


What are Christians view towards life after death? (4)

- soul is inner part of our being
- soul forms personality and individuality
- god breathed life into Adam
- ensoulment


Ensoulment -

Moment soul enters the body


What is a muslims view to life after death? (4)

- soul is invisible and is pure at birth
- soul is non-physical and makes us real
- ensoulment happens at day 120 in the womb
- soul is imprinted by god (fitrah)


Akhirah -

Life after death


Jannah -

Heaven (paradise)


Jahannam -



Barzakh -

Stage between the moment they die and moment facing judgement


What do muslims believe about judgement? (3)

- will be judged after death
- observed by allah and everything is recorded
- body will stay in the ground until judgment day


Cosmology -

The study of the origin and evolution of the universe


What happened on the seven days of creation?

1. Heavens and earth, light and dark, night and day
2. Divided water he had created
3. Dry lands and plants
4. Sun, moons and stars
5. Sea and flying creatures
6. Animals and humans
7. Rested


What is a creationist interpretation of genesis?

Take it literally


What is a conservatives interpretation of genesis?

The story is not literal but does have important truths.


What is a possible liberal interpretation of genesis?

Its mythical and not literal truth, but is describing what writers of the time believed. Scientific knowledge has shown is unacceptable


Young earth creationism -

View god created the world in 7 days less than 10,000 years ago.


Old earth creationism -

God created the world millions of years ago. The 7 days refers to long periods of time.


Theistic guided evolution -

Belief life comes through evolution but the process was guided by god


Natural evolution -

Accepting sciences evidence but god set down the laws of nature.


What does Islam say about the creation of the world? (3)

- made over 6 long periods of time
- some would criticise the theory of evolution as its linked to atheism
- others accept most aspects but not human evolution


What was newton and the thumb all about?

- the intricate design of a thumb which is so unique must have a designer
- ‘in the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of gods existece


Analogy -

Comparing different things to get a better understanding of an idea


Stewardship -

Looking after someone so it can be passed on to the next generation


Abortion -

Removal of foetus from the womb before it can survive


Euthanasia -

An assisted suicide


What is the sanctity of life?

All life belongs to god and only he can create or take life


When did abortion become legal in the uk?



Which two laws state abortions is legal?

Abortion act, 1967
Human fertilisation and embryology, 1990


What are the three reasons abortion is allowed before 24 weeks?

- mental or physical health at risk
- existing children would suffer
- child would be seriously mentally or physically handicapped


What are the three reasons abortion is allowed after 24 weeks?

- risk to mother
- baby will be severely deformed
- physical or mental injury to women


Why are conservative Christians against abortion?

- every human has a right to life
- murder
- they may not be perfect but god will value them
- god has a plan and humans should not interfere
- only god can end life
- foetus is created in the image of god


What are the liberal attitudes to abortion?

- may be a better choice
- in the case of rape, incest or the mothers at risk its allowed
- lesser of two evils
- must be carried out as early as possible
- sanctity of life is sometimes broken
- life may not begin at conception
- less traumatic abortions


What do muslims believe about abortion?

- ensoulment could be any where between 40-120 days
- killing a soul is murder
- only permitted if mother is endanger
- lesser of two evils because the foetus wouldn’t exist without the mother
- allowed at 16 weeks


Palliative care -

End of life care


Quality of life -

The idea that life must have some benefits for it to be worth living


Voluntary euthanasia -

Ending a life painlessly when someone in pain asks for death


Non-voluntary suicide -

Ending a life painlessly when they are unable to ask, but you have a good reason that they would want it


Assisted suicide -

Providing a seriously ill person wit the means to commit suicide


Active euthanasia -

A deliberate action (eg. Lethal injection) (illegal in uk)


Passive euthanasia-

Medical support/ treatment is withdrawn


Arguments for euthanasia

- die a gentle, pain free death
- dignity
- saves medical cost
- staff can focus on patients who have a chance of recovery
- relieves family of emotional and financial burdens


Arguments for euthanasia

- keep on fighting
- goes against the sanctity of life
- if legalised it would be used for other circumstances
- may pressure to choose euthanasia over cure
- doctors can be wrong about diagnosis
- the assister will have unfair pressure