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Original Dixieland Jazz Band

"Dixie Jazz Band One-Step"


First Jazz recording.

ODJB had a similar structure to that of ragtime.

Good example of collective improvisation


King Oliver and His Creole Jazz Band

"Alligator Hop"


Rich in improvisation.

Use of breaks

Louis Armstong on cornet


Louis Arstrong and Earl Hines

"West End Blues"


Dramatic Introduction

Antiphonal scat singing between armstrong and the Clarinet

EH on the piano, flow-chop-flow

Armstrong's infamous solo with extended high note


Bix Bierderbecke and Frankie Trumbauer

"Riverboat Shuffle"


Bierderbecke's not selection while soloing

Hokum (sax)

Antiphony in breaks

Ride out


Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong

"Reckless Blues"


12-Bar blues

Harmonium and Louis on the Clarinet

Smith's powerful voice complimented by Armstong's improvisation


Count Basie

"Taxi War Dance"


Rhythm section with the boogie-woogie piano, smooth and even.

Solos, Lester Young on the tenor sax and Dickey Wells on the trombone.

A-A-B-A Form

Chorus of ANtiphony

Riff based composition


Mary Lou Williams

Andy Kirk and his 12 clouds (ft. MLW)

"Walkin' and "Swingin"

A-A-B-A Form

More elaborate instamentation than typically heard in Kansas City Bands of the 30's

Angular Melody arranged for one trumpet and three saxaphones

Stride-based piano solo


Duke Ellington's Big Band

"Harlem Airshaft"


Rhythm section walking four

Mix of NYC and New Orleans elements

Hot soloist against swing based back grounds


Masterful use of variety of instraments