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Aim of Eberhadt

To see if black offenders with stereotypically black features were more likely to get the death sentence than offenders


Method of Eberhadt

Lab experiment


Procedure of Eberhadt

Analysis of database of death-eligible cases in Philadelphia that advanced to penalty between 79 to 99.
- 44 cases black man murdered white victim

- Photos shown to raters = 51 from Stanford Uni (32 white 15 Asian)
- Black & white photos shown for 4 seconds
- Ask to use their facial features to give them a rating between 1 to 11. 11 is very stereotypical


Results of Eberhadt

Analysis of covariance allowed researchers to input many different variables to test for their effects on sentencing decisions like:

- Severity of murder
- Socio economic status of victim
- Defendant
- Defendant attractiveness

- Most stereotypically black defendants = 57.5% more likely to receive death penalty
- Least stereotypically black defendants = 24.4% more likely

2nd study: Black defendant, black victim
- Same analysis produced no significant effect. Suggests black victim is seen as less important