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prep techniques for lumbar HVLA

prone pressure
prone pressure with counterleverage
paraspinal perpendicular stretch


Ob roll/ walkaround setup

pt supine, fingers interlaced behind neck
stand opposite PTP, moniter segment and sidebend trunk to RB until motion is felt
put hand through pt contralateral arm and rest dorsum of hand on sternum
block ASIS
rotate trunk into rotational barrier (to doc) thrust on exertion


HVLA Lumbar Type I Neutral SD setup

lateral recumbent, PTP up
moniter apex of curve
pull bottom arm anterior to engage rotational barrier
pull bottom arm cephalad to engage SB barrier
top knee in popliteal fossa
thrust into barrier (forward and towards the table at hips and psoterior at shoulder)


HVLA Lumbar Type II flexion/extension SD setup

pl lateral recumbent, PTP up
one leg off table
rotate arm back at antecubital fossa


cervical HVLA prepatory techniques

contralateral traction
cradling with traction
suboccipital release
bilateral forearm fulcrum forward bending